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Where to Find All Batarangs in West End

Scott Peers

This page details where you can find all Batarang collectibles in the West End subdistrict, in the western part of New Gotham. There are a total of 6 to be found in the West End.

All Batarang Locations in the West End

Batarang - Southeast of Chelsea Tunnel

You’ll find this Batarang on top of a building just southeast of Chelsea Tunnel, in the southwestern part of the West End. You’ll see the Batarang glowing just beneath the slush sign on top of the building.

You'll find the Batarang just under the sign on the rooftop.

Batarang - Northeast of Chelsea Tunnel

This Batarang can be found just up the road from the last one. You’ll find it on the side of a building just above a broken window. To obtain the Batarang, you can grapple onto the side of the building and then drop down so that you move through it.

This Batarang can be found just above the broken window. You'll need to grapple above then drop down to obtain it.

Batarang - GCPD Major Crimes Unit

You’ll find this Batarang at the top of one of the buildings at the GCPD Major Crimes Unit, in the northwestern part of the West End. The Batarang can be found in a fenced area which you can access from the north side.

This one can be accessed from the north side of the fenced area.

Batarang - Gotham City Gazette

This Batarang can be found just behind the Gotham Gazette sign on the rooftop of the building, which itself is located in the south of the West End.

This one can be found just behind the sign for the Gotham City Gazette.

Batarang - Gotham City General Hospital

You’ll find this Batarang at the center on the roof of the Gotham City General Hospital, which is located in the northeastern part of the West End.

This Batarang can be found in the centre of the roof of Gotham City General Hospital.

Batarang - West of Gotham City Gazette

This Batarang can be found on a roof of a building found east of the Gotham City Gazette, just off Storrow Street, in the southeastern part of the West End.

This one can be found on the roof of a building located to the west of Gotham City Gazette.


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