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Gotham Knights

How to Complete Batcycle Time Trials

Nathan Garvin

Information about Batcycle Time Trials in Gotham Knights, including strategies and tips for completing them.

(1 of 2) After starting Case 04, you’ll be able to find one Batcycle Time Trial activity on the map.

After starting Case 04, you’ll be able to find one Batcycle Time Trial activity on the map. (left), The starting location and orientation is marked by a green cube and rolling arrows. (right)

What are Batcycle Time Trials?

Despite making a decent debut in the early game, the Batcycle quickly becomes obsolete, especially when you start unlocking Knighthood traversal methods and the ability to fast travel. Once Case 04 begins, the Batcycle will become somewhat relevant again when Batcycle Time Trials unlock… albeit not as a means of locomotion, but as a vehicle for completing these side activities.

The Batcycle Time Trials are fairly standard, as far as open world racing activities go. You can locate them by seeking out the Batcycle icon on your map - there will be one such event available at a time, and after you complete it you must return to the Belfry and start a new patrol to get another Batcycle Time Trial to spawn. It’ll take quite a few patrols to knock all these out.

(1 of 2) Race through ring checkpoints,

Race through ring checkpoints, (left), to add +2 seconds to your timer. These checkpoints are otherwise optional. (right)

How to Complete Batcycle Time Trials

Once you reach the starting point you’ll find a shimmering green cube with rolling arrow markers showing you where to start. Just summon the Batcycle by pressing the DualSense-DPad-Up button, then drive forward through a green ring to get started.

Yes, that’s right. You’ll need to drive through numerous ring checkpoints within a time limit to complete the race. Bad memories of super hero games of yore…

Okay, it’s not nearly that bad. When you start a race you’ll have 12 seconds to complete the race. If your time ever depletes, you’ll fail the race, and will have to return to the Belfry to get it to spawn again. These races are fairly long, but each checkpoint you hit will add +2 seconds to the clock, and there are a lot of checkpoints in each race - usually numerous enough and spaced close enough to keep your timer more or less at the 10 - 15 second mark if you drive competently. In addition, most race courses are populated with several boosts, which, if you run into them, will add +5 seconds to the clock. These are rarely necessary, but if you can hit them without wasting too much time, they’re well worth keeping an eye out for. Hitting checkpoint rings and clocks are both optional - they just give you extra time.

(1 of 2) Hit clock pickups to add +5 seconds to your timer,

Hit clock pickups to add +5 seconds to your timer, (left), but be wary various open world complications - driving slow but safe is advised. (right)

So, race against the clock and hit as many checkpoint rings and clocks as possible to keep your timer from depleting. Simple enough, and in truth, these races aren’t all that difficult if you keep one fact in mind: driving too fast can often be counterproductive. That’s right, it’s one of those racing side activities. Gotham Knights is an open world game, and the civilians and criminals inhabiting Gotham City don’t care that you’re trying to finish a race in a timely manner. If you’re unlucky, traffic, parked cars, and opportunistic/premeditated crimes can all get in your way

Not much you can do about these obstructions, but driving at a sufficient, middling speed can give you more time to react while also driving fast enough to keep your timer stable. If you run into a vehicle, wall or other obstruction, or drive off-course, you’ll lose a lot more time than a little bit of caution will cause you. Drive full throttle when the course is clear and slow down when you’re less certain - instead of using your brakes DualSense-L2 / Xbox-TriggerLeft, consider intermittently pressing the DualSense-R2 / Xbox-TriggerRight button to control your speed.

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