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Where to Find All Talon Caches

Scott Peers

This page details where you can find all five Talon Caches in Gotham Knights, which are required to obtain the Talon Suit Transmog. It’s important to note that you won’t be able to find the Talon Caches until you’ve reached Case File 3 of the main story, so don’t worry if you’re not able to obtain them before this point.

The AR scan doesn’t reveal where the Talon Caches are. Instead, you’ll need to rely on visual and auditory indicators when you’re nearby. Alfred will let you know when you’re close to a Talon Cache, mentioning that the area you’re in has an unusual energy signature. You will also notice that each cache is fairly well lit by a green markings.

All Talon Cache Locations in Gotham Knights

Talon Cache - Southside

The first Talon Cache we’ll cover is located in the northeast of Southside, New Gotham, in the southern part of Gotham City. You’ll find it on the wall in a back alley just northwest of the Ocean Chemicals building, or directly east from Cobblepot Steel.

You'll find the Southside Talon Cache on the wall in the back alley near the Ocean Chemicals building.

Talon Cache - Financial District

This Talon Cache can be found in the shopping area beneath the Elliot Center, in the western part of the Financial District, Historic Gotham. You’ll need to run to the right from the entrance of the Elliot Center, then turn left and look for the entrance to the shopping area at the bottom of the building. If you’re struggling to find this one, see the gif below.

Talon Cache - Old Gotham

This one can be found just south of Gotham City Hall, on a wall opposite the water fountain. All you need to do is get to the southern side of the building and it’s impossible to miss once you find the fountain.

Look south from the water fountain behind Gotham City Hall to find this Talon Cache.

Talon Cache - Bowery

You’ll find this Talon Cache on a ledge just above the entrance to an unnamed building, located south of the Knightsdome Sporting Complex, in the southwestern part of the Bowery district, New Gotham. If you stand on top of a lamppost outside, you’ll see the cache clearly. All you need to do is grapple to the ledge to reach it.

You'll see the cache just above the entrance to the building.

Talon Cache - Gotham Heights

The last Talon Cache can be found in the grounds of Gotham City University, in the northwestern part of Gotham Heights, North Gotham. You’ll find the cache along the walls of one of the cloisters just off the main courtyard, as shown in the gif below.

  • Map Link - Gotham Heights Talon Cache


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