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How to Align the Frequencies (Puzzle)

Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page offers a guide on the aligning the frequencies puzzle in Case 7.2 Talia al Ghul in Gotham Knights.

You will begin this puzzle when you arrive in the Arkham Asylum Tower. To get there, you’ll to reach the upper floor of the asylum then search for the opening in the floor that allows you to reach the tower.

Aligning the Frequencies Solution

Once inside the tower, you’ll need to align the frequencies. At first this might seem a bit overwhelming but once you know that the images on the little screens on the far end of the room, the puzzle is a lot easier! Each screen is attached via a different colored wire to one of the four amplifiers, so you’ll need to set the frequencies of all the speakers to match their respective screens. You can then cycle through the amplifier screen until it matches the frequency pattern on its respective speaker screen. When it’s correct, it’s go green. Before you can begin, you’ll need to reset the frequencies at the screen in the middle - and you can use this button at any time to reset this puzzle if you get a bit confused!

The amplifiers have to match the frequency sequence on the central screen.

In addition to matching up the frequencies, you’ll also need to do them in order to that the match the frequency sequence on the big screen in the middle of the room. Below you’ll find the exact order to amplifiers as well as their corresponding speakers.

The following amplifiers match up to the following speaker screens. So from left to right the amplifiers are numbered 1 through 4 (make sure to face the screens so you have the same orientation as these instructions).

From left to right, I've numbered the amplifiers for the sake of the instructions.

  1. The blue wire connects amplifier 3 with the speaker to the left of the large screen.
  2. The pinky red wire connects amplifier 4 with the speaker next to amplifier 3.
  3. The orange wire connects amplifier 2 with the speaker to the right of the central screen.
  4. The green colored wire connects amplifier 1 with the first speaker on the left side of the central screen.

So the order of setting the amplifiers to match their corresponding speaker is 3, 4, 2, 1.

See below for images of all the amplifiers and their correct frequencies.

(1 of 4) First set amplifier 3 to match its corresponding speaker.

Video Guide: How to Align the Frequencies Puzzle


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