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Where to Find All Historia Strigidae in the West End

Matt Chard

This page will detail all the Historia Strigidae locations found in Lower Gotham. In particular, you will find all the pages located in the West End.

Historia Strigidae are one of the many collectibles in Gotham Knights, with there being a total of 42 Historia Strigidae spread throughout the entire map. When you’re close to a Historia Strigidae page, Alfred will usually tell you about “strange energy readings” in the area, and you can use AR Tracking to spot white runic shapes to further narrow down your search. You must advance the story to Case 03: In the Shadows, and start the quest by going to the place that Jason Todd mentions to you in an email, which is the graveyard in North Gotham to unlock Historia Strigidae. None of them are missable, as you can still collect them after completing the main story, and your progress will also carry over into New Game+.

In addition to the descriptions below, you can find all the collectibles in the game - Historia Strigidae pages included - listed on our interactive map.

Historia Strigidae Page - North Madison Street

The first page in the west end can be found on the first buildings to the east of the Madison Bridge. If you’re exiting the bridge, you’ll see an “Addiction is a disease” billboard to your right. The page can be found on the wall behind said billboard.

Behind the billboard to the east of the Madison Street Bridge when exiting the bridge.

Historia Strigidae Page - Church East of Gotham City Gazette

From the previous page, head northeast, past the Gotham City Gazette, and you’ll find a church sitting in-between Rotterdam Street, and Storrow Street. The page can be found on the eastern church wall at street level, under a spotlight.

Under a spotlight on the eastern wall of the church between Rotterdam Street, and Storrow Street.

Historia Strigidae Page - Best Trims Barbers

Head directly north until you reach the southern buildings connected to the Gotham City hospital. The page will be on the wall near the roof above Best Trims Barbershop.

On the wall on the roof of the Best Trims barber shop which is connected to the southern buildings of the Gotham City Hospital.

Historia Strigidae Page - Coventry Street

The buildings northwest of the Fast Travel on the corner of Coventry Street, and Atlantic Boulevard. This one can be quite tough to find as there are no discernible landmarks near it. It’s best to look at our interactive map for the exact location, then when you’re on the roof, look on the wall for some graffiti that ends in an ! The page will be right next to it.

On the wall next to the graffiti ending with an ! The building can be found on the corner of Coventry Street.

Historia Strigidae Page - North River

The last page in the West End can be found on the building overlooking the North River, east of the GCPD Major Crimes Unit. The building in question will have two white lorries parked underneath it. The page will be on the wall with the balcony.

On a wall on the balcony of a building overlooking the North River. The building is east of the GCPD Major Crimes Unit.

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