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How to Unlock Fast Travel in Gotham Knights

Matt Chard

You may have been playing a while, and although you have a host of traversal abilities to get around the world. Going from one end of Gotham to the other can still take some time, time you would rather be spending hunting down the collectibles or completing a mission. Well I have news for you, there is a fast travel system in the game, but you’ll need to do some things first, and this page will tell you how to do it.

Lucius is waiting for you on top of the Foxteca building.

Lucius Fox

The first thing that you’ll need to do is to progress the story until you talk to Penguin in the Case File 2.1 where you’ll have to talk to Lucius. He’ll tell you that he has a way to traverse the city easier. You can find Lucius on the top of the Foxteca building in the Otisburg district.

Once you’ve spoken to him, you’ll find out that his method to get around the city at a quicker pace is a large drone capable of carrying you to the location of your choice. But there is a catch, the drone won’t be able to operate in areas until you’ve deactivated the smaller drones set up by the GCPD. Until then, each area is a no-fly zone.

How to Scan the Drones

There are eight districts each with a “Secure Fast Travel” quest, and each of these will have drones that need to be deactivated before you can fast travel to that specific district. To deactivate the drone, you’ll need to scan it with your AR scanner by holding down DualSense-DPad-Down-Filled. This takes a few seconds so make sure you follow the drone with your scanner. Lucius will direct you to the first one which can be found in the Financial District. For the most part this is easy enough to do, but you do need to be fairly close to the drone to scan it. Try waiting on specific buildings or structures can make it easier as they patrol in pre-determined routes.

Some drones will be protected by a blue shield. Wait until they land on a recharging station where their shield will drop momentarily.

There are two types of drones that you’ll come across, a normal one which can be scanned when you’re close enough to it, the other will have a blue shield around it. These can only be scanned when they are on a recharge station which are scattered across the nearby roofs. The easiest way to get the shielded drones is to wait at one of the recharge stations until it lands there, and scan it when its shield goes down momentarily.

Financial District Fast Travel

There are two drones in this district to scan, one normal, and one shielded drone. For the normal drone, you’ll need to wait for it to come past. Watch its flight path, and wait on a building or structure that it passes. With the shielded drone, wait at one of the many recharge stations on the nearby rooftops for the shielded drone to land.

(1 of 3) The Fast Travel drone's location for the Financial District will be to the west of The Bellfry.

Southside District Fast Travel

Just the one shielded drone here for you to scan, you can wait for it at the recharge station in-between the two large brick chimneys.

(1 of 2) You can find the Fast Travel secure drone location in Southside just south of Cobblepot Steel.

You can find the Fast Travel secure drone location in Southside just south of Cobblepot Steel. (left), Wait at the recharge station in-between the two chimneys on top of the building. (right)

Old Gotham District Fast Travel

There are two drones to scan here, once again, one normal, and one shielded. For the normal drone, one place you reach it is by standing on top of the air conditioning unit on top of the roof on the building west of Gotham City Hall. With the shielded drone, wait by the recharge station on top of Gotham City Hall itself.

(1 of 3) You can find the Fast Travel Secure Point in the center of Old Gotham, near the Gotham City Hall.

Tricorner District Fast Travel

Tricorner will have just the two normal drones. When you get to the objective, head over to the nearby church. From the roof, you can see a small water tower, grapple over to it, and wait for the drone to pass. The second drone can be scanned from the roof of the church.

(1 of 3) The Tricorner Island Fast Travel Secure Drone's location can be found on the east side of the island.

Bowery District Fast Travel

This is technically in Otisburg, although it unlocks the Bowery Fast Travel. There are three drones to scan here, and they are all normal drones. A good place for one of the normal drones is to wait at the end of the highest crane to the south of the marker. Another drone can be found on top of the large building, north of the crane. Finally, you can scan the last drone by waiting on the window cleaning platform on the side of the same large building.

(1 of 4) Technically in Otisburg, the location of the Bowery Fast Travel Secure Drones is southeast of the Wayne Tower.

West End District Fast Travel

This district has two shielded drones, and one normal drone. For the shielded drones, wait near a recharge station for them to land. The normal drone can be scanned by standing on the small platform joining the two buildings, north of the Gotham City Gazette.

(1 of 4) You can find the West End Fast Travel Secure Drones location just north of the Gotham City Gazette.

Gotham Heights District Fast Travel

Just the two drones for this district, both shielded. Wait at any of the nearby recharge stations sitting on the surrounding roofs, and once its shield is down, scan away.

(1 of 3) You can find the Gotham Heights Fast Travel Secure Drones northeast from the Aparo Bridge.

Bristol District Fast Travel

This district has three shielded drones to scan. There’s nothing special to do here other than wait around the many recharge stations scattered around the rooftops for the drone to recharge. If you see one just about to land away from you, you’ll have a couple of seconds to reach, and scan it.

(1 of 4) You can find the Fast Travel Secure Drones location in the northwest of the Bristol District.

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