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How to Solve the Solarium Lab Puzzle

Jarrod Garripoli

This page will detail how to solve the Solarium Lab puzzle in Gotham Knights.

During the course of the main story in Case 7.2, you will visit Arkham Asylum in pursuit of Talia al Ghul. It is here that you will eventually come to a lab and be forced to solve a puzzle. There will be a lab and you will have to figure out some things, similar to a Crime Scene. Basically, you will need to look at some of the objects in the puzzle, then connect two pieces together to try and solve it.

You will be focused on the vials on the table for this puzzle

Talia was working on advancing Dr. Langstrom’s research, and there’s plenty of things to scan. The main things you want to highlight are the Genetic Markers in the one device, and the Serums to the left of it. There’s four each of these in each set, so you will want to make sure you highlight each one of them. In addition to those, there are some papers on the desk below those, as well as some pinned to the board to the left. While these aren’t required to solve the puzzle, they do offer some hints and tips, should you decide to do things yourself.

Genetic Markers

  • Genetic Marker Group L
  • Genetic Marker Group N
  • Genetic Marker Group M (right choice)
  • Genetic Marker Group O


  • Serum V23.15
  • Serum V22.03
  • Serum V24.07 (right choice)
  • Serum V23.06

The solution for this puzzle

There’s plenty of clues on the actual Genetic Markers and two documents on the table to solve this puzzle, without having to resort to a guide. Looking through the Genetic Markers themselves, you will see that the only one that survived was Group M. If you glance at the Serum Note on the table (the left one), you will notice that it lists Serum V24.07 and M01 is the only one that lived. Using this little bit of information, you can connect those two sets of tubes and press the button to solve the puzzle.


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