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Gotham Knights

All Regulators Enemies and Crimes

Scott Peers

This page details all of the enemy types from the Regulators faction, including their weaknesses and how to defeat them. We’ll also cover the types of crimes that you’ll encounter with the Regulators.

Regulator Enemy Types

There are four main types of enemies in the Regulators faction: Brawler, Drone Master, Shocker, and Shooter. The first three have Regular and Champion variants, while Shooters have Regular, Veteran, and Champion variants. The Veterans and Champions inflict more damage than the Regular kind and they’re generally tougher. They also have improved resistances, and they use additional special abilities such as Evade Flurry, Guard, and Armored Attack.


“Despite being average fighters, tech innovations like shock gauntlets give them an edge in battle. A few well placed hits can really do a number on you.”

Enemy Damage Resistance Weakness Special Abilities
Regular Brawler Normal N/A Concussive N/A
Champion Brawler Bioelectric Bioelectric Concussive N/A

The Brawlers in the Regulator faction are similar to Brawlers from other factions: they are restricted to melee damage, and they’re much more dangerous in groups than alone, since they can interrupt your attacks if you become overwhelmed by them. The Regulator version of the Brawler also have another trick up their sleeves, in that they’re capable of inflicting Bioelectric damage with some of their hits. These attacks not only inflict more damage, but they can also daze you more quickly if you’re hit by enough of them in quick succession, so you’ll need to be careful to avoid being hit by them, and don’t underestimate these enemies especially when they’re in groups.

Drone Master

“Drone Masters tend to stick to the periphery while their friends handle targets in close quarters. Their weaponized drones pack a punch.”

Enemy Damage Resistance Weakness Special Abilities
Regular Drone Master Bioelectric Bioelectric Concussive N/A
Champion Drone Master Bioelectric Bioelectric Concussive Evade Flurry

The Drone Master is among the most frustrating enemies to face during crimes in Gotham Knights. They will usually remain at the edge of a fight rather than in the thick of things, but while there they will constantly summon drones which will either shoot you from a distance, or approach you in melee and then explode. The melee drones are generally easier to deal with, since all you need to do is dodge out of the way when you see the red circle appear. The ranged drones are more of a pain, as they can be difficult to reach in melee and their firepower can stun you, leaving you vulnerable to attack from other enemies.

The best way to deal with these is to quickly take them out with ranged attacks, then focus on defeating the Drone Masters before they summon another drone. The Regular Drone Master is easy enough to kill, but the Champion variants are much more evasive, since they like to spam their Evade Flurry ability. You’ll find it difficult to hit them in melee until you use ranged attacks to knock them back, then follow up with heavy attacks or special abilities to inflict as much damage as possible.


“These formidable fighters have augmented their already substantial strength with full-arm shock devices, making them a real force to be reckoned with.”

Enemy Damage Resistance Weakness Special Abilities
Regular Shocker Bioelectric Bioelectric Concussive Armored Attack
Champion Shocker Bioelectric Bioelectric Concussive Armored Attack, Guard

The Shocker behaves in a similar way to Brawlers, in that they focus on melee combat as they pursue your every move. They’re more like brutes than brawlers though, capable of inflicting massive damage with their melee hits, especially in the higher difficulty crimes. If you’re facing a Champion Shocker you’ll need to deal with their unblockable Armored Attack combos, which will require multiple dodges to avoid. In addition, their Guard makes it difficult to land any light attacks, so you’ll need to open every attack chain with heavy attacks, or with special abilities, to break their Guard first.

The thing that makes these enemies most deadly however is their ability to use Bioelectric special attacks. These usually come in the form of a jump and slam on the ground, at which point the Shocker will create a circular area around them which is filled with electric or cryogenic energy. This will continue to damage you for a few seconds after the attack lands, so you won’t be able to hit the Shocker until the visual effect disappears. They’re also capable of casting a line of Bioelectric damage which will rush towards you, so you’ll need to be ready to dodge away from this. All of their special attacks have warning indicators in the form of a red marker.


“Highly accurate shooters that can cause a lot of trouble in a fight. That makes them a high value target, even if they aren’t natural combatants themselves.”

Enemy Damage Resistance Weakness Special Abilities
Regular Shooter Normal N/A Concussive N/A
Veteran Shooter Bioelectric Bioelectric Concussive N/A
Champion Shooter Bioelectric Bioelectric Concussive Armored Attack

The Regular Shooters function in much the same way as Shooters from other factions: they will aim a laser sight at you and begin to rapidly fire after a few seconds, and you’ll need to time your dodge correctly to avoid being shot. To do this, you should dodge at the last moment just before the shots are fired, which should leave the bullets being fired in only one direction, rather than following your every move. The trouble here is that there’s no specific indicator to tell when the shots are about to be fired, and if you jump too soon the bullets will usually track your movement and hit you anyway. You’ll need to become familiar with the timing between the placement of the laser sight and the beginning of the shots being fired, which will require some practice and experience.


“The least technology-reliant members of the Regulators are no less lethal for it. If you see one in the distance, move like you’ve got a purpose.”

Enemy Damage Resistance Weakness Special Abilities
Mr. Freeze Associated Sniper Cryogenic Cryogenic Fire N/A

There are no normal Regulator Snipers, but only those associated with Mr. Freeze. This means that they will always be weak to fire, and resistant to cryogenic elemental damage. They will also inflict Cryogenic damage, making them particularly deadly if they land a hit. You should always take out these Snipers first in a fight with Regulators. They can almost always be found positioned on rooftops or balconies in the area of a crime, so you’ll know where to look to find them immediately. If you leave them unchecked, there’s a good chance that they will shoot you at critical moments in a fight, interrupting your attacks or even finishing you off unexpectedly.

(1 of 3) Be ready to dodge away from the red circles created by Grenadiers.

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