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How to Find the Clues in the Vault

Nathan Garvin

On this page you’ll find information about obtaining all three clues in the vault and subsequently the Disruptor in Dr. Upshot’s office in Case FR01: 1.3 - Quartz Labs.

During the third stage of Mr. Freeze’s case you’ll need to travel to Quartz Labs from the Belfry. Advance through Quartz Labs until you reach the vault - you’ll need to defeat some Regulators in the surrounding room, open the vault doors, then defeat two Shockers. With all that finally done you’ll be able to search the interior of the vault, where you need to use AR Tracking to examine three clues: a Dictaphone, a Blueprint and a Notepad.

(1 of 3) Scan the Dictaphone,

How to find the Dictaphone

One of the easier of the three clues to find, the Dictaphone is on a desk to the right - it’s the only clue that’ll actually have a white circle helping you find it. Keep in mind that you must play back the contents of the dictaphone before they count.

How to find the Blueprints

The largest clue, these torn Blueprints can be found on a wall over a desk to the left. Its size and yellow highlighting should make it relatively easy to spot.

How to find the Notepad

Despite being out in the open, this clue shamefully took us a bit of time to spot. It doesn’t glow aggressively, isn’t particularly large, doesn’t have a guiding reticle, is next to a more interesting object - the frozen Quartz scientist - and if you’re standing at the front of the vault, your character will probably obscure it. Now that we’re done making excuses for ourselves, you can find this clue on the floor next to the frozen Quartz scientist.

(1 of 2) Investigate a Hidden Compartment in Dr. Upshot's office,

Investigate a Hidden Compartment in Dr. Upshot's office, (left), to find the Disruptor. (right)

How to find the Disruptor

Once you’ve discovered all three aforementioned clues you’ll be tasked with obtaining a Disruptor. As the name implies, this device may be key to thwarting Mr. Freeze’s plans. Return to the lab adjacent to the vault, head upstairs and take a left to reach Dr. Upshot’s office. Once inside, follow a blue line on the floor around a corner, turn right and use AR Tracking to scan the ground to find a Hidden Compartment. Just loot the compartment to find the Disruptor to compete this objective, and this phase of Mr. Freeze’s questline.


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