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Gotham Knights

All Secret Identity Compromised Locations

Jarrod Garripoli

This page will detail the locations of the Secret Identity Compromised side activity in Gotham Knights, as well as how to complete each one.

Upon completing Case 01, you should receive an email from Batman, telling you about his secret identity possibly being compromised. Although you likely don’t need to read the email to spawn them, it’s a good idea to do that anyways. A marker will now appear on your map, which has a lock on it, in the West End subdistrict of the Downtown Gotham district. This is the beginning of the Secret Identity Compromised side activity.

(1 of 2) Your goal is to get to the server panel to upload fake data

Your goal is to get to the server panel to upload fake data (left), but you will need to remain completely undetected while doing so (right)

Your entire goal during this side activity is to protect Bruce Wayne’s identity as the Batman, by planting fake information. However, there is a catch to this, as you cannot be seen/detected while doing this. If you should happen to be detected, then you will have to return to the Belfry and try again the next night. There will only ever be a single Secret Identity Compromised activity on the map at one time, with you having to return to the Belfry and go back out the next night to spawn another one. There’s a total of 5 of these Secret Identity Compromised side activities, with you unlocking the Solid Alibi trophy/achievement for completing them all.

Secret Identity Compromised - West End

(1 of 2) Disable the camera panel here

Disable the camera panel here (left), which will allow you to reach the server panel nearby (right)

The first activity is located in the West End subdistrict of the Downtown Gotham main district. It will be on top of the Gotham City Gazette building, and you will have to deal with a bunch of cameras here. There is a camera on server panel, meaning you will have to shut it off before being able to access it. The control panel for this camera is just to the side of it, but to be extra careful, wait for the one camera on the side to pan away from it before shutting the first camera down. Once you do that, you should be able to access the server panel and plant the fake evidence, completing this portion of the side activity.

Secret Identity Compromised - West End (2)

(1 of 4) There will be a guard patrolling, so leave him alone

The second activity is located to the north of where the first one was located, at the GCPD Major Crimes Unit facility. Just go to the northern end of the West End subdistrict to find it. You will have an extra bit of security here, in the form of an officer, who will patrol the base of the building with the server panel. Speaking of that, there will be a laser grid barring access to the panel, as well as two cameras. One camera will be focused on the panel that shuts off the other camera, while the lower one is focused on the panel controlling the laser grid.

So, being mindful of the guard patrolling the area (leave him alone), go to the side opposite the lower camera to find a panel that shuts off the upper camera. Then, you can go on the roof of this little building and shut off the lower camera. This will allow you to access the panel to shut down the laser grid, then upload the fake data to the server.

Secret Identity Compromised - Southside

(1 of 4) Enter the building via this vent on the side

The third one will be at the Waynetech building, which is located on the southern end of the Southside subdistrict in the Lower Gotham district. The panel you need is actually inside the building, but the front entrance is blocked by a laser grid, and there will be two guards stationed outside. You will need to find another way inside, but thankfully, there’s a vent to the side of the main entrance that will allow you to get into the building.

Of course, things aren’t that easy, as more will be waiting for you in the Waynetech building. There are more laser grids, some cameras and pressure plates. The latter will trigger an alarm if you stand on them for too long. Thankfully, there is a path to take that makes getting to the panel very easy. Upon dropped out of the vent, stick to the end of the room opposite the main entrance. You can go underneath the camera here, when quickly pass over the pressure plate to get past the laser grid, but be careful about the camera on the other side. You can sneak underneath this camera by sticking to the wall, allowing you to access the panel to disable the laser grid on the far end. Just go inside that little area to find the panel to plant the fake evidence.

Secret Identity Compromised - Old Gotham

(1 of 4) Start off by disabling the camera panel here

The fourth one will be in the Historic Gotham district, in the Old Gotham subdistrict. GCPD Central will be on the northern side of this area and that’s where you will need to go. Once you arrive at the back portion, you will see that this one is a little more complicated than the previous ones. There are multiple cameras here, as well as two patrolling guards, and a fenced in area with pressure plates. Unfortunately, the server panel is located in that fenced in area, so you will need to find a way to disable the pressure plates. The good thing is there’s a panel that does that, but the bad news is it only disables them for a brief period, so you will need to move quick.

So, to complete this one, you will first need to disable the one camera, which is overlooking another panel that temporarily shuts off the pressure plates. However, before you interact with the plate one, you will want to go to the side of the fenced-off area and shut off the camera that is overlooking the server panel. From there, hit the switch for the pressure plates, then quickly climb over the fence to access the server panel and finish.

Secret Identity Compromised - Financial District

(1 of 5) The marker will lead you to this vent to get inside

The fifth, and final, activity will be located in Downtown Gotham, on the western side of the Financial District. In fact, it’ll be at the Iceberg Lounge building, which is the home to one of the main story missions at the beginning of Case 02. Note that you can still go here without triggering the story mission, so don’t worry about that. Similar to the third one, this one will be inside the building, and you will need to find a way inside the place. If you head straight to where the marker is located, you should see a vent you can climb through, leading inside.

This one is a little more linear and will test your limits of moving quickly. After passing through a second vent, you will end up in a small room that has a laser grid, but this one will periodically shut off for a few seconds. So, wait for it to disappear, then quickly pass through it to see a panel on the other side. This controls the pressure plates in the hallway, meaning they will shut off for a brief period before coming back on. There’s also a camera in the hallway, so you need to hug the one wall to move underneath it, then wait for it to pass before going through the next doorway.

There will be another laser grid that briefly goes off and on, then two ways to go. The side path has a camera you can turn off with a nearby panel, allowing you to score a Chest in that same room. The other path will have you simply disabling some more pressure plates, then a short walk to the server panel to upload the fake information.

You should pop the Solid Alibi trophy/achievement as this point, as well as unlock the Chroma Gray Ghost Colorway. If you head back to the Belfry, you can interact with the TV upstairs to view a cutscene about the fake data you implanted throughout Gotham.

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