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How to Defeat Harley Quinn

Jarrod Garripoli

This page will detail how to defeat Harley Quinn in Gotham Knights.

One of the Villain Cases in Gotham Knights revolves around everyone’s favorite sidekick, Harley Quinn. You will be exposed to her wacky nature in the game and at the end of the entire Case, you will be forced to fight her. The fight with Harley Quinn has a recommended level of around 22, but you should be pretty fight at lower levels. If you do decide to come in at a level under the recommended one, just note that the fight with her might take a little longer.

Boss: Harley Quinn

You will fight Harley Quinn after going through the hospital and fighting a bunch of Freaks in the process. Because of this, you might be a little low on health packs, although the Harley Devotees you fight are pretty easy. Moving on to the actual boss fight with Harley Quinn, it will be split into three phases, all of which will be triggered upon reaching a certain health threshold for Quinn. The first threshold is at around 75% health remaining, with the second one occuring at around 50% health remaining.

(1 of 5) The start of the combo is an upswing attack

Harley Quinn is quite acrobatic, making her hard to hit, so you will need to take your moments to get some hits on her. A lot of this can happen easily if you perform a Perfect Evade, followed by a Perfect Attack. You might also be able to get some ranged attacks in on her as she’s performing her own attacks, since she can’t dodge out of the way of those. There are those electric traps around the arena, which will explode if you get too close to them, so you will always want to keep moving.

Harley’s attacks are as follows:

  • Three-Hit Acrobatic Combo: Harley will flip towards you, upswinging her hammer for the first hit. The second will immediately follow this with a forward flip, with Harley smashing the hammer on the ground. The third hit is a spinning hammer swing. You can Perfect Evade the third hit. Note that she can also just run up to try the first hit on you, too.

  • Mine Throw: She will have both of her hands with red circles around them, then jump backward while tossing out three mines on the ground in your direction.

  • Hammer Jab/Grab: Harley can either run forward or do the flips, then try to jab you with the hammer. You have the option to Perfect Evade this attack, if you dodge with the right timing. If she actually connects with this, you will be grabbed and be stuck in a command throw, so dodge this attack to avoid the unavoidable damage.

Once you reach the first health threshold, a cutscene will play and Harley will disappear for a little bit. She will send some Harley Devotees after you, but these shouldn’t be a problem at all, since they are weaker than the normal Freaks. Upon clearing this wave of enemies, Harley will rejoin the fight and have her hammer electrified now. She will have the same attacks as the last round, but will have some extra help, in the form of endlessly spawning Devotees. At best, you will want to try and ignore them, as they will keep coming, and focus on Harley. She does add two new attacks this round, which are as follows:

(1 of 4) You will have to deal with a wave of Devotees after the first phase

  • Spinning Kick Combo: She uses her hammer to prop herself up and spins around, trying to kick you. Harley will follow this with a sweeping attack with her hammer, then a spinning, low sweeping attack with the hammer again. The final hit in this chain will have Harley prop herself up again and perform a dropkick-like maneuver. The final hit has a chance to perform a Perfect Evade.

  • Electric Projectiles: Harley will throw three projectiles out, two of which curve out and away from you, while the middle one will head straight in your direction. This can be quite difficult to dodge, as the attack comes out pretty quick, but as long as you keep moving, you should be fine.

When you reach the second threshold, another cutscene will play and you will move onto the third, and final, phase of the fight. She will be alone here and does mostly the same moves as in the previous two rounds. Harley does seem to have a slight variation on the Three-Hit Acrobatic Combo from the first round, but it’s mostly the same. You might see her charge at you, while wildly moving the hammer around, which will deflect any ranged attacks you throw at her here. Harley also seems to have less downtime in between attacks, chaining them more often here. Keep chipping away at her health and eventually, you will put her down for good and back behind bars.

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