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How to Obtain Nth Metal

Jarrod Garripoli

This page will detail the various ways to obtain the Nth Metal crafting material in Gotham Knights.

One of the ways to get better equipment in Gotham Knights is to obtain blueprints from various sources throughout the game. In order to craft these items, you will need an abundance of crafting materials, most of which will be easy to gather from just defeating enemies and doing Challenges. However, there is a single crafting material that is a little elusive, since it is required for the Legendary Gear, and that is Nth Metal.

You probably won’t be seeing Nth Metal until later in the game, once you have access to Legendary Gear itself. It should be noted that normal enemies do have a chance to drop Nth Metal, but it seems to be set to pretty damn rare, so unless you’re lucky, you’ll want to find a way to get a more concrete drop of this elusive material.

Talon Caches

Talons Caches are an easy, but finite, source of Nth Metal

One of the surefire ways you can get Nth Metal is from the hidden Talon Caches. There’s a total of five of these and you won’t be getting a whole lot from the Talon Caches. That’s because only four of them will actually yield the Nth Metal, and you only get 50 for each one, meaning you’ll have a total of 200 Nth Metal after opening all of the caches. Talon Caches are available as soon as you Case 03, so you can open them earlier and before you even have access to Legendary Gear. These sources are finite, though, despite them respawning in New Game+.

The Penguin Challenges

Once you reach the later stages of the main story, and can begin gathering Legendary Gear blueprints, you will notice that the various NPC Challenges will start to offer better materials and gear. This also holds true for The Penguin, who is a great source for crafting materials. He will actually begin to give you Nth Metal as a reward for completing his set of Challenges. Unfortunately, this amount seems to be pretty low, with it only being around 20 or so at a time, and some of the Challenges might be a bit annoying to try and complete. The reason for this is you might be asked to complete a specific Crime at the Very High difficulty, and these seem to be a bit random in their appearance, meaning it might take a few patrols to get the one you need.

The Penguin's Challenges are a reliable source of Nth Metal later in the game

Gotham’s Most Wanted

The third, and final, way to get guaranteed Nth Metal is from Gotham’s Most Wanted. These notorious criminals are rare spawns that will appear during Premeditated Crimes, but only at the Very High difficulty. You’ll know one spawns, since one of the objectives will be to defeat the Most Wanted criminal, plus they will have their name above their head the entire time. The tedious part about the Most Wanted criminals is getting them to spawn, as it’s completely random, but sticking to the crimes that have a lot of enemies is ideal, since there’s more chances. They aren’t really any different from the normal enemies, other than having a little more health and maybe one or two more attacks.

Once you defeat one, though, they should drop Nth Metal and it should be a good bit. They are probably the best source for the material in the game, as you usually get enough from just one criminal to be able to craft a piece of Legendary Gear. Unfortunately, there’s only so many Most Wanted criminals, although there should be plenty enough to craft each type of Legendary Gear once.


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