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Gotham Knights

Where to Find All Batarangs in The Financial District

Nathan Garvin

This page will detail all of the Batarang locations found in the Downtown Gotham. In particular, you will find all of the Batarangs located in the Financial District.

Batarangs are one of the many collectibles in Gotham Knights, with there being a total of 60 Batarangs spread throughout the entire map. There will be 12 Batarangs located in each major district, which are further split into subdistricts. You will unlock the ability to collect the Batarangs after completing Case 1.2 - The Langstrom Drive. All of the Batarangs can be collected upon your next patrol. None of them are missable, as you can still collect them after completing the main story, and your progress will also carry over into New Game+.

Upon getting close enough to a Batarang, you should see a blue glow, which indicates its position. Simply walk over the object to collect the Batarang, which will give you some experience towards leveling up.

In addition to the descriptions below, you can find all the collectibles in the game - Batarangs included - listed on our interactive map.

Perhaps the most difficult Batarang to find, even with a guide, you’ll find this one near the top of the Elliot Center building.

Batarang - Elliot Center

This Batarang can be tricky even if you have a general idea of where to go. Head to the roof of the Elliot Center, stand on the golden circle in the center of the roof, and turn northwest. Head to the northwestern corner of the roof and look down over the edge to find two ledges. Drop down to the lower, larger of the two ledges, then turn right (east) and round a corner. You’ll find this Batarang embedded in the brickwork.

Along the western end of the Financial District you’ll find the Gotham City Ferry Co. Seek out the Batarang atop the clock tower.

Batarang - Gotham City Ferry Co.

Along the northwestern edge of the Financial District you’ll find the unmarked Gotham City Ferry Co. building. This Batarang is on the roof of the clock tower.

A Batarang can be found near some smoke stacks atop the Quartz Labs complex.

Batarang - Quartz Labs

Along the northern end of the Financial District you’ll find the Quartz Labs complex. This Batarang is lying on the roof just south of the two large smoke stacks.

Find a Batarang on the lower roof of the Gotham City Tower Apartments.

Batarang - Gotham City Tower Apartments

Along the northeastern end of the Financial District, near where Commerce Street runs under the bridge leading to West End, you’ll find the unmarked Gotham City Towers Apartments. The Batarang is on the central roof of the building, just above the front doors.

Search near the top of the unmarked Gotham City Shopping Center to find a Batarang.

Batarang - Gotham City Shopping Center

North of the GCN building, just south of Grand Avenue you’ll find the unmarked Gotham City Shopping Center building. Climb to the highest roof, then drop off to a lower section of roof to the west. You’ll find this Batarang lying on the ground near some windows.

Home sweet home, you’ll find a Batarang atop the Union Station Belfry.

Batarang - Union Station Belfry

Home sweet home, you’ll find this Batarang on a tower atop the Union Station Belfry. Just grapple up to claim your prize.

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