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Final Boss Fight - How to Defeat Talia al Ghul (Phase 2)

Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page offers a guide on how to defeat Talia al Ghul during Case 8.2 - The Lazarus Pit in Gotham Knights. This fight is split up into two phases with the later phase naturally being much harder than the first.

This page will detail how to beat Talia’s second phase, which begins after you defeat Talia’s first phase and witness a cutscene. If you’re stuck on the first fight, head over to our guide on Talia’s first phase for more information.

Talia al Ghul (Phase 2)

Talia al Ghul Attacks (Phase 2)

The main difference between phase 1 and phase 2 is that Talia has a newly equipped spear. It’s a long weapon that gives her a huge increase in melee range. She will fight similarly to phase 1 but the length of the spear makes her spin attacks harder to dodge and way more brutal.

She will still use her ranged abilities such as her bow and arrow and her knives so you can feel a little more confident in those abilities as you’ll be familiar with them from the first phase.

Spear Combat

As mentioned above, the biggest change in the combat during the second phase is that Talia now uses a long spear in combat. This means that her spinning attacks and general melee range is hugely increased and it feels way harder to dodge her attacks. For this reason, it doesn’t feel great to be in melee combat with her as you’ll constantly be getting knocked by the spear and stumbling about unless you dodge perfectly.

The spear is pretty tough to dodge!

Spear Throw

Sometimes Talia will throw out her spear in a straight line. It’s like a magical spear boomerang! It also extends out very quickly so it may catch you off guard the first couple of times. However, if you manage to dodge to the side you could get in an attack on Talia whilst her spear is retracting!

Dodge the spear throw then try to get in a quick hit!


Like in the previous phase, Talia can teleport around quickly and it’s indicated by the green mist. Batman could also teleport but Talia is a much faster and more agile fighter than Batman was so you’ll need to really steer clear of the mist or be prepared to dodge as she pops out of the mist and lunges at you with her sword.

And she's gone in a puff of smoke!

Charged Arrow Attack

Occasionally, either when you or Talia has disengaged, she will pause and draw her bow and arrow. She will take a few seconds to charge up a powerful bow and arrow. She has good aim and you’ll only be able to dodge it once she’s shot it. This is actually a good opportunity to close some distance between you and Talia and hit her with a heavy attack or two before she’s shot out her arrow.

Talia will aim her bow and shoot a powerful arrow.

When she’s in this stationary position, during this attack and her three shot attack (detailed below), you can take the opportunity to either deal a big momentum attack or get in some heavy attacks. Just be careful not to get hit by her powerful arrow attacks in the process!

Triple Arrow Attack

During this attack, Talia will aim three arrows towards you. Dodge right as they’re shot and avoid the ground where they land as they do three large circle areas of damage that’ll knock you prone. Luckily, these are easy to dodge and you could even try to get in some hits before she gets out her melee weapon!

Talia will aim three explosive arrows at you.

Throwing Knives

Occasionally, when you’re not in melee combat ranged, Talia will throw out three knives in quick succession. They don’t do a lot of damage and they’re more annoying than anything.

Talia will throw out three quick knives, which don't hurt much but can be hard to dodge as they're so small and quick.

How to Beat Talia al Ghul (Phase 2)

Given that this is the final fight in the game, it’s not unfair to say that it’s one of the toughest battles you’ll face. One of the hardest aspects of this fight comes from the fact you’re coming into it off the back of two other big fights meaning you likely have little to no healing left and you’re probably also a bit mentally exhausted! The good thing is if you have no healing going into this fight and you die and need to respawn, you’ll actually respawn with three health supplies - yay!

If you struggled with the Batman and the first Talia phase fight, you may really struggle with the final phase fight with Talia. If you’re having an extra tough time you might be underlevelled! In a standard playthrough you can level up to 30 (40 in New Game), but if you only play the main storyline and don’t do extra patrols and side quests, you’re likely going to be underlevelled for this fight! If you are level 25 or under then this fight is gonna be quite tricky. You might want to come back to this fight after a couple of hours of leveling up either through patrolling and stopping crimes or by doing some of the cool side quests available to you! See our guides for how to start and complete the following side quests:

As mentioned in the first phase page, having a suit that gives you health regeneration will greatly help with sustain and survivability. This is even more powerful in this fight as one, she does a bunch more damage and two, she frequently flies up into the air ominously to taunt you. During this, you’ll be able to run away and heal up (or just catch your breath!).

When she flies into the air you can catch your breath and heal up!

In the phase 1 guide, we recommended that you try to avoid too much melee combat with Talia. In the second phase, you really, really don’t want to be spending too much in combat unless you’re a pro at dodging or you’ve hit her with a momentum ability and she’s momentarily stunned. If you have managed to hit her with a momentum ability that knocks her a bit, you’ll be able to get in some big hits before she quickly recovers.

Momentum Abilities can knock her down briefly but you'll need to find the right moment!

Instead, you’ll want to run around the arena, dodging the Lazarus pit waters, and occasionally hitting her with a ranged ability. It’s not the most heroic combat strategy but you’ll be able to whittle her health down slowly whilst avoiding her most brutal spear attacks! You can also find windows of opportunity to get in some safe melee attacks such as when she goes for her bow and arrow attacks. But don’t get greedy as she can easily one-shot you with a few swipes of her spear! Slow and steady wins the race with this fight and the good news is you won’t have to deplete her health bar all the way, just to about 5%!

Ranged attacks keep you safe!

Video Guide: How to Beat Talia al Ghul (Final Phase)


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