Vantage Points are one of the collectibles in Horizon and are basically glimpses into the past, showing off certain landmarks when they were still relevant. When you find one, there will be an eye icon where you need to stand, then press R3 to trigger the Vantage Point. While there aren’t any telltale signs of a location for a Vantage Point, there is always a supply crate next to it that contains all kinds of resources. As with all of the collectibles, there are merchants who sell a map that places all of the general locations for the Vantage Points on your map. There are only 12 Vantage Points in the game, split up into three different sets.

1) Air Combat Academy - Located east and slightly south from Main Embrace Gate. On a cliffside slightly southwest of the eye icon on the map.

2) Colorado Springs - North of the Tallneck icon in the Devil’s Thirst area. There are some ruined buildings towards the south/southwest portion of the search area, one of which has some Watchers and Scrappers roaming about. You want to head inside the ruined building to the west of that one, where you should be able to find some yellow footholds to reach the top.

All Vantage Points will have you climbing to reach them (left), plus there will always be a supply crate right next to them (right).

3) Explorer Museum - Go north/northeast from the Bandits Camp in Devil’s Thirst to spot a slightly taller than normal rock formation. If you use your Focus, you should spot a supply box on top of this, which is also where the Vxantage Point is located.

4) Bridal Veil Falls - This one is found south of the Two-Teeth Bandit Camp, which is southeast of Daytower. Look for the road on your map that has a U-turn on the southern end, which is where you will want to be. There are some footholds on the cliff here that let you reach the Vantage Point.

5) Eagle Canyon - Exit Meridian to the north and continue straight north, passing between two large rock formations. You will want to get on top of the western rock formation and if you look up at it, you should see a log in which you can rappel off of it. On the southeastern side of this rock formation are some footholds you can use to climb to the Vantage Point at the top.

6) Monument Valley - This Vantage Point is located right outside of Sunstone Rock, which is located in the southwest corner of the map. As you exit the prison from the east, you should approach the actual end of the structure, which is where you’ll find some handholds on the rock wall nearby. Climb these to eventually reach a zipline that will bring you straight to the Vantage Point.

7) Bryce Orbital - Southwest of the Shattered Kiln Bandit Camp is a campfire that is north of a Longleg Site, west of a Grazer Site and south of a Shell-Walker Site. Follow the rocky terrain to the south until you spot some handholds to use to climb. At the first ledge, look west to spot more handholds and at the next one, there are more handholds that go horizontally and to the top, where you will find two Scrappers guarding the Vantage Point.

8) Lake Powell - Brightmarket is situated on a fairly large body of water. On the northern shore of this lake are some pieces of land that jut out into it, similar to the southern side. Go to the shoreline of the easternmost piece of jutting land to find a campfire and a Snapmaw site. Near the campfire will be some handholds, leading to a path to more handholds and the Vantage Point.

9) Faro Automated Solutions - In the northwest corner of the map is the ruins of Maker’s End, which you will visit during the main story. Just a little southwest of the ruins icon is a campfire. There is a path that goes south/southeast of this campfire, with a Shell-Walker site along the way. Keep following this path to its end, where you can barely make out some footholds. Use these to go up and around to the top, where you will find the Vantage Point.

The location of the footholds (left) for the Faros Automated Solutions vantage point, as well as its location on your map (right).

10) King’s Peak - During the main story, you will visit some ruins called GAIA Prime and this Vantage Point is a little bit west from those. Find the river to the west of GAIA Prime and look for the “main path” that crosses it on the northern end. Follow the path as it curves south and look for a rappel point on the mountain, as there will be handholds underneath it. Climb these to eventually reach the Vantage Point.

11) Sterling-Malkeet Amphitheater - Follow the road from Cauldron SIGMA to the northeast until you get to a large hill that has a campfire at the top. The Vantage Point is close to the top and should be fairly easy to spot.

12) Denver Stadium - At the Devil’s Grief icon, go northeast to find the very tall building in ruins here. Head inside and look for the footholds on the eastern side. Use these to climb up and eventually reach the Vantage Point.

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