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Horizon: Zero Dawn
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Nathan Garvin, Jarrod Garripoli
First Published: 16-02-2017 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:08 GMT
Version: 1.2 (????) 08-04-2020 / 08:44 GMT

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Horizon: Zero Dawn Guide

5 months ago · Guide Information

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Frozen Wilds Errands

A Secret Shared

Just as you exit the Song’s Edge settlement, head left until you see a colourful hot spring with some of the Banuk tribe standing around it. A shaman, Kamut, stands nearby with a green marker over his head – speak with him to hear about a way you can upgrade your spear with some new modifications. The catch? You have to travel North to the other side of the Cut to find the component needed to make it.

Note: You can find Pigment – Light Salt from a protruding rock covered in a yellow paint-like substance in this area.

Find the Shaman at the hot springs to activate the errand
Head to the very top of the North

Activate the errand from the quest menu and check the map to see the long trail North. Travel there however you feel, whether by use of a fast travel point or completely on foot, but beware of the Fireclaw machine site towards the end of the journey. You should be able to pass by it easily (if you haven’t completed this errand already) and reach your destination not far after.

The Drone Hangar
Find the rappel point to drop into the bunker

You’ll come across a large bunker in the ground, the Drone Hangar – what the shaman called a cave – so find the rappel point around the edges to drop in. There are two sensory discs dropped by Stalkers when you hit the bottom, and although your presence sets them off, no Stalkers actually show up to interfere with your business. Continue as normal, investigating the area and looting any supply crates as necessary. There’s some Bluegleam at the head of the plane in front of you – or ‘metal bird’ as Aloy calls them.

Use your Focus to scan the plane and see that the rail part needed has already been scavenged. Now go to the back of the room to find a ladder and climb it to retrieve Animal Figurine 5.

Climb the broken ladder at the back of the room
and pick up Animal Figurine 5

Opposite should be another ladder by one of the small supply crates – go up and grab the handholds on the wall above you to get across to the console on the other side. Activate the console to move the plane backwards on the conveyor.

Climb the handholds
Activate the console to move the plane across the conveyor

There’s a door at the back of the room on the left-hand side, and a hole in the wall above it. You can now use the plane to reach this opening, so grab the handholds and hoist yourself up into a small room. Pick up Audio Datapoint – Holo-Lock Reset.

Audio Datapoint - Holo-Lock Reset
Unlock the door to get to the second hangar

Scan the holographic display to find the key to the holo-lock and unlock the door into a corridor. Then take the ladder down into another room and pick up Audio Datapoint – I Understand, Mr Blevins lying on a crate. Take the tunnel immediately to your right and follow it through until you come out into another hangar with a second plane. On the platform, under the plane’s wing, is Text Datapoint – Ban Him!!!.

Text Datapoint - Ban Him!!!
Grab the Mounting Rail from the front of the plane

Now scan the plane for the rail part you need to see that it’s still intact. Take the Mounting Rail from the front of the plane, and then leave the hangar. As you land back in the first room, a Stalker will jump down – take it out and then leave the bunker via the handholds on the wall.

Leave the hangar through the half-open door
Defeat the Stalker in order to get out

Fast travel back to Song’s Edge and leave the settlement to find Kamut again. Speak with him to finish the errand and receive a Spear Modification Box.

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