Upon reaching Mother’s Crown, you can talk to a man named Den, who got separated from his hunting party whenever they were going after some corrupted machines. They went to the Devil’s Thirst area, so head over there and get to the campfire that is southeast of the Devil’s Thirst icon on the map. Head north from here, to the quest marker on your map, where you will stumble upon the remnants of some kind of battle with some Corrupted Watchers.

Examine one of the Watchers, then follow the new set of tracks west until they end. If you take out your Focus, you should spot two Sawtooths to the southwest and if you look a little above them, two Nora braves will be at the top of a ruined building. One Sawtooth can be bad enough, but having to fight two at the same time might call for a little more strategy. Depending on the weaponry you have purchased, this can be a pretty simple strategy, like placing Blast Wires down and luring the Sawtooths into tripping the traps.

Examine the Watcher corpse to get a new trail (left). Fire arrows work extremely well on the Sawtooths (right).

If you have finished Cauldron Sigma, then you also have the ability to Override Sawtooths now. You can lure one over to you while you hide in tall grass, Override it when it gets close enough, then sit back and enjoy the battle between the two of them. Note that if the Overridden Sawtooth wins and you attack it, the thing will turn hostile again. Fire arrows are one good way to bring the beast down, especially if you can manage to hit the Blaze Canister on its belly. After finishing them off, head over to the marker underneath the two hunters to get a prompt to speak to Ferl, who will mention that they will be going back on their own. All you need to do is head back to Den in Mother’s Crown to report back and claim your rewards.

Objective Reward
For tracking down the lost hunting party XP 1,670 / Remarkable Reward Box

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