If you do the To Old Acquaintance errand, it will lead you to the bridge near the Glarebreak, where you will find an injured man right by it. Speak with this man to learn that the Glinthawks keep attacking the settlement of Pitchcliff. Otherwise, this quest will automatically begin once you finish with the main quest that has you visiting Pitchcliff. From where that guy was, follow the road going west/northwest until you happen upon a campfire. You should have seen a sign pointing you in the direction of Pitchcliff, so keep going in that direction.

The location of the injured NPC who is one way to start this quest.

Upon getting close enough, you will hear the haunting screeching calls of those wonderful, flying Glinthawks. There are quite a number of them, a good six or seven, attacking the village and it’s in your hands to help bring the menaces down. If you have the ice resistance armor, equip it now and break out the fire arrows, as a few of these should bring the Glinthawks to the ground, where you can deliver swift strikes with your spear to hopefully put them out of commission.

You will have some help from the guards and warriors in Pitchcliff, although they may just be more of a distraction for you than actual help. When you’ve finally put an end to the flying brigade, head into the outpost and look for the leader. Speak with him about the attacks, Carja and his brother, then offer to help him investigate the reason for the Glinthawks’ attacks. As soon as you break out your Focus, you should hear a device nearby, which will happen to be right over the railing where the mayor is located.

Jump down and talk with Shahavad, with Aloy putting a stop to the incessant beeping. Continue questioning him to learn that he got the device from some workshop to the north, along the eastern ridge. Leave Pitchcliff from the eastern road and at the fork, head north, veering to the northeast when you can. Eventually, you will discover another campfire that has a Glinthawk site just northeast of it. North/northeast of that is a trail that you should be able to spot, leading to some footholds that will get you to Shahavad’s camp.

You’re one step closer to finding that workshop and hopefully putting an end to the attacks. Follow the trail to find more stuff to climb, leading to a ledge with a supply crate and if you look at the opposite wall, there will be more footholds there. Eventually, you’ll reach an area above, where you will come across some Longlegs. Be careful with destroying their concussion sac, as the force from its explosion could knock you off the mountain. With them down, look over to the area below to see a Freeze Bellowback and some Redeye Watchers.

The Stormbird blocks your way to the workshop (left). Disabling the lures will make the Stormbird go away (right).

Use your height advantage to easily take down the Bellowback and should the Watchers stick around, give them the pointy end of your arrow to their eyes. Beyond that will be your biggest challenge up here, a Stormbird. Use the tall grass to hide for now and look for three lures with your Focus. The Stormbird will fly around and sit on three perches across the area, which should give you ample opportunity to get to each lure and disable it. While the game says to kill the Stormbird, disabling the lures will make it fly away, saving you the hassle. Check out the workshop after the matter to find some notes, then return to Pitchcliff to talk with the mayor and finish the quest.

Objective Reward
For stopping the attacks on Pitchcliff 6,250 XP / Extraordinary Reward Box

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