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Horizon Zero Dawn

Honor the Fallen

Jarrod Garripoli
Nathan Garvin
Scanned Glyphs
The Sun Faith

Scan a glyph in the outdoor shrine to learn more about The Sun Faith (left) then talk to the priest Namman, who has a task for you (right).

Make your way back to the southeastern end of Meridian and from the Campfire head up some stairs to the northwest (these stairs are directly opposite the elevators) to reach an elevated, outdoor shrine. Scan a glyph on the altar in the center to log the Scanned Glyph “The Sun Faith” , then talk to Namman, a priest standing northeast of the shrine. Chat with him and you’ll find that he’s rather concerned with reparations, especially for outsiders. More specifically, you’ll need to help three folks with their problems, two by clearing out some hostile machines (joy!) and one by getting rid of an obstinate priest. Do all this, and Namman’s robes might just be a lighter burden for him to bear.

Brageld is blocked from completing his pilgrimage by a sun priest stuck in the past (left), but a simple trialogue option is enough to remove him (right).

The Shrine of Kings

There are three locations you need to visit, and all of them are relatively close to Meridian, in (or very near) to areas you’ve already explored, making this an ideal sidequest to complete now. To reach the first location (they’ll be dealt with from north-to-south) simply travel to the Campfire north of the Meridian Gate map market (between Meridian and Cut-Cliffs) and follow the road from there east, pass under an arch, and look out for the Oseram pilgrim - Brageld - near a bridge.

When you find him, chat him up and he’ll tell you his tragic story before siccing Aloy on the shriveled up old priest to the north, who denies him passage. Talk to this priest, this Jahamin, who will bemoan the glory days of brutal dictatorship and outlander subjugation. Listen to him whine if you wish, then when his dialogue options are exhausted Aloy will give him an ultimatum, followed by a trialogue option. Regardless what you say, he’ll ultimately back down, freeing the Oseram nearby to go gander at the fruits of their slavery. Talk to a satisfied Brageld… well, perhaps satisfied is too strong a word. Anyways, at least you fulfilled his wish.

Kill the Glinthawks flying around Sun’s Climb (left) so the Banuk shaman can make his painting - and his peace (right).

Suns Climb

The next location is east of - rather than north of - Meridian, and the quickest way there is arguably to travel to the Royal Maizelands marker, and from there head across the river to the east. You may have found a Campfire just south of this location when you found Metal Flower - Mark III (I), in which case, just use that and head north.

However you get there, make your way to the southern end of the Sun’s Climb and use a ramp to ascend. You presumably already climbed up the northern face earlier, so why not take a different approach this time? When you reach the top, dispose of the three Glinthawks nesting here, then talk to Kimik atop Sun’s Climb, who will take the opportunity to defile the rocks with paint.

Destroy the Snapmaws infesting the water near the Lake Shrine (left) so Rea can reflect on her loss (right).

The Lake Shrine

The third and final destination - the Lake Shrine - is southeast of Sun’s Climb, so climb down to the jungle below, then make your way southeast to the lakeside shrine. Your goal here is simple - kill the two Snapmaws in the water and thus free the shrine from the machines that menace it. As usual, aggressive use of Fire Arrows mixed with hit-and-run tactics will work wonders here. Once the Snapmaws are scrap, wait for a woman named Rea to take up position near the water, then talk to her to confirm that… well, she’s a little off, but at least she’s got access to the shrine.

With all three shrines open to outlanders, return to Meridian to find Namman in a temple along the southeastern end of the city. To get there, just fast travel back to the Campfire between the open-air shrine and the elevators, return to up the stairs to the open-air shrine, then head across a bridge to the southeast. Chat with him and he’ll promote more of his progressive ideals, some of which his fellow priests have started to listen to… if not act on. Oh well. One step at a time. This ends the quest “Honor the Fallen”.

Objective Rewards
For helping Namman reconcile with outlanders 5,330 XP / +1 Remarkable Reward Box
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