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Horizon: Zero Dawn

A Daughter's Vengeance

Jarrod Garripoli
Nathan Garvin

You can receive this sidequest from Yan at Mother’s Rise, a small outpost located west of the Bunker, the ruins that are the location for the Ancient Armory sidequest. His sister, Nakoa, went after a Carja officer named Zaid, who participated in the Red Raids. He suggests talking to Solai, who can be found at Mother’s Crown, which you’ll visit during the main quest, Seeker at the Gates. While you’re there, you can find Solai in the northern part of the outpost.

The location of Solai, both on the map (left) and in-game (right).

Solai says that Nakoa went to the Daytower, a Carja fort that’s on the border, which is far to the west. If you wait until you do A Seeker at the Gates main story quest, it will bring you straight to Daytower. Once you arrive, talk to one of the guards standing around to ask who’s in charge, to which they will answer that Captain Balahn is in charge. He can be found on the balcony overlooking the valley, so go up to him and start talking. Ask him about Nakoa, with his reply being that she attempted to kill Zaid, who is in the fort.

Zaid can be found up some stairs to the east, at a table looking over some maps or plans. Ask him about Nakoa and he says he heard a rumor that a woman was taken by some bandits, so he suggests going to Lonesome Rock to find out more answers. If you head there straight away, it’s best to stick to the roads, especially once you spot a giant bird at the bottom of the valley. This is a Stormbird and these things are definitely tough, so it’s wise to just ignore it and run right past it. To be on the smart side, Override one of the Broadheads and use that to ride past it.

Once you finally arrive at Lonesome Rock, go inside and the one guard will stop you. He and his two friends will start attacking you, so quickly take them out. It appears that Zaid is not the person he showed to you back at Daytower. Activate your Focus and look at the cart by the wooden stairs, then go up and examine it. Guess the old habits die hard, so use your Focus to get a bead on the trail and follow it east to some compound. You won’t be able to get through the front door, but the wall not far from it is broken, so you can go in that way.

Before you do that, though, you will want to use your Focus to mark all of the guards inside, which should be at least eight of them. If you’re good with your bow, which you should be by now, you should be able to start picking them off from that very opening. There’s also tall grass inside that you can use to hide if you’re trying to be like a ninja. When they’re all dead, loot their bodies to find that one of them has some keys on him. Head up to the top section of the compound to find some stairs that lead down into a pit, where Nakoa and some others are being held.

Tag the enemies from outside of the wall (left). Use the tall grass to sneak around and kill the enemies (right).

Talk to Nakoa and free her, then wait until the others are freed before you escape the compound. Of course, things won’t be so easy, as Zaid and some other soldiers show up to stop you. The soldiers are equipped with spears, so they can only melee you, but Zaid is armed with some kind of projectile weapon, so use the height advantage you have on him to try and keep him to the lower area. Fire Arrows should work well enough on them, since they are fleshy humans and all. Once you’ve killed everyone, Nakoa will give Zaid a quick end, you can converse with her a bit and the quest will draw to a close.

Objective Reward
For tracking down Nakoa 5,000 XP

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