Metal Flowers are one of the game’s collectibles and sound exactly like their name, mysterious metal flowers that you will find throughout the game’s world. They are split into three different sets, with each one containing ten Metal Flowers. Whenever you reach the Main Embrace Gate, there will be a merchant right by it that sells a map that contains a general location of every single flower. There are two ways to hunt down the location of a Metal Flower, either by using your Focus or by looking for a triangular spot of real flowers, where the Metal Flower will be located in the middle.

Set 1 Metal Flowers

A) For this Metal Flower, you will need to dive back in to the Ruins which you explored as a child. Go to the very bottom and progress through the place until you come to some stairs leading up. If you look to the east, there will be some stalactites you can bust through with your spear, with a room hidden behind it. Do that and enter the room to find the Metal Flower.

Return to the Ruins you visited as a child (left) to find a Metal Flower behind some stalagmites/stalactites (right).

B) Head back to the cabin where Rost raised you and go out the back entrance, leading west. There will be a zipline right by the exit, so take this and then walk across the tightrope to find the Metal Flower on this ledge.

C) Located west of the Nora Hunting Grounds. It’s slightly northwest, on a hill, from some broken down cabin.

D) You can grab this Metal Flower whenever you do the War-Chief’s Trail main quest, as it’s very close to the location at the end. From the pit where you fight a lot of human enemies and a few Corrupted Watchers during the quest, head northeast to the base of the mountain, where you should see the Metal Flower (use your Focus to locate it).

E) From the MIRIAM Ancient Vessel, head straight south until you encounter two Sawtooths. Take them out and look for the dilapidated building with just two walls nearby. The Metal Flower is found on the inside corner of that building; it’s slightly southwest of the icon on the map.

F) This Metal Flower can be found inside The Bunker, the ruins where you can get the Shield-Weaver Outfit. After diving into the large opening and landing in the waters below, it will be found in a clear as you head to the location of the armor.

G) From the Devil’s Grief icon on your map (northeast), go south to the campfire and then east/northeast from there. When you find the Corrupted Sawtooth, you know you’re in the right area. Look for the ruined building(s) that form an archway of sorts. The Metal Flower is on the northeastern side, slightly southwest of the icon on your map.

Use your Focus to look for a Metal Flower location (left). You can also look out for the triangular formation of real flowers (right).

H) In the northeast corner of the map, there is a snowy area that is split into an eastern and western half. Go up the eastern half and when you reach the campfire near the Glinthawks, look a little south/southeast to spot the Metal Flower.

I) Find Valleymeet Hunting Grounds and head west to find Hunter’s Gathering. Now, take the southeast road out of there and follow it to a split that goes east and south/west; you want the latter direction. This should be close to a Broadhead Site and there should be two hills in this area just west of the Broadhead icon. Look to the western of the two hills and go west from there, to a spot where some Scrappers and Watchers might be. There’s a small area with a lot of trees and pink flowers; the Metal Flower is there.

J) West of Hunter’s Gathering is a Scrapper Site on your map, so head on over to that area. Go straight south from there to find a bridge. Cross it going west to find some Sawtooths roaming about, but ignore them and look for a path that goes to a higher elevation. Once you cross the waterfall, look northwest to find an alcove with the Metal Flower.

Set 2 Metal Flowers

A) You can find this Metal Flower southeast of Free Heap on the map, along the mountainside there. It is found just past some Scrappers, near a tree

B) Southeast of Free Heap is a named gate called Dawn’s Sentinel. A little southeast of that gate is a body of water that has a Snapmaw site on an island. The Metal Flower is on that island with the Snapmaws.

C) Find the settlement of Lone Light west of the Greatrun Hunting Grounds and follow the river that runs just east of it to the north. Keep an eye out to the west, as you run north, for a path that you can use to continue in that direction. The Metal Flower is right there at that fork.

D) Southwest of the Shattered Kiln Bandit Camp is a campfire sandwiched between three machine sites (Longleg, Grazer and Shell-Walker). Go to the Shell-Walker Site icon on your map and head straight west from there to find a path in between some rocky terrain. This will lead you to a spot with some Glinthawks, as well as some footholds you can use to climb to the nest. Get to the top to find the Metal Flower.

E) West of Free Heap or northeast of the Tallneck in Sun-Steps is a small valley with two Thunderjaws (Thunderjaw Site). The Metal Flower is in that valley, closer to the northern of the two Thunderjaws.

F) From the campfire with the Charger site right next to it that’s east of Cauldron Zeta, follow the river to the east until you come to another campfire. East/southeast of that is a myriad of rock formations connected, with some mesas on top. In the southeastern portion of those rock formations is a path that will lead you to the top, where you’ll find the Metal Flower.

The location of Metal Flower - Mark II (F) on your map (left) and in the game (right).

G) Head to Pitchcliffs and exit the place, heading north. Go straight for the northernmost area, where you should see a Stormbird flying around. You don’t need to kill it, but it might hinder your search. Back to the flower, follow the river north and right the northern end, as it bends a bit east, the Metal Flower can be found on a small ridge on the eastern bank.

H) There is a valley to the southwest of Sunfall on the map, which is where you’ll go for the Healer’s Oath errand to kill a Thunderjaw. Before you confront the machine, you will run across the Metal Flower along the way.

I) From the Dimmed Bones ruins, which you visit during The Field of the Fallen, there is a path that you can follow to the southwest that is still on top of the plateau. The Metal Flower is at the southern tip of this plateau.

J) This Metal Flower is located west of Brightmarket, along the shoreline. There are four pieces of land jutting out of the shoreline and you want to go to the westernmost one, where there should be a Snapmaw site. You will find the Metal Flower right along that shoreline by the Snapmaws.

Set 3 Metal Flowers

A) Find the Spurflints Hunting Grounds and head northwest from there to see a four-way intersection on your map. West of that four-way is a path running north to south and the Metal Flower will be right on that path.

B) From the Gatelands Bandit Camp, go southeast until you come to a campfire and from there, go south along the main road. Continue past the fork in the road until you see a Glinthawk site on your map. Get on top of the large hill here and go straight south while on top of it to find the Metal Flower in its triangular patch of normal flowers.

C) West of Hunter’s Gathering is a Scrapper Site on your map and a little bit west of that is a campfire. Go to that campfire and follow the trail northwest into the snowy mountains. Once you reach a Sawtooth Site, the path will split into one going north and another continuing northwest. The northern path will lead you straight to the Metal Flower.

The location of Metal Flower - Mark III (C) on your map (left) and in the game (right).

D) Go to the outside area in front of the entrance to Cauldron XI and take the western exit. As soon as you do, look to the west with your Focus to spot the Metal Flower. It’s close to the poles in the water that you can use to cross it.

E) Follow the main road out of Meridian Village to the southwest until you come to a campfire. At the first fork to the south, there is a Strider site. Go west from here to the huge rock formation and follow it to the southern end, where you’re looking for some footholds. If you stick to the rock formation, you will likely avoid an encounter with some Stalkers. Climb to the top to find a merchant and a little past that, the Metal Flower.

F) Located northwest of the Tallneck in Spearshafts, in the southwest corner of the map. It’s on top of a tall rock formation that houses some Glinthawks, and you can climb to the top from the eastern, western or southern sides.

G) This Metal Flower is not far from the entrance to the Eclipse base used during the To Curse the Darkness main quest.

H) The Tallneck in Copper Deeps will circle two islands. Go to the southern edge of the northern island and then head directly west to the nearby shoreline of the mainland to find the Metal Flower.

I) From the Gatelands Bandit Camp, go southwest until you come to a campfire. Follow the main road next to it south a little bit, then turn west as it veers off in that direction. Look for the giant rock formation and get on the northern side of it, where you should find some handholds that allow you to climb it (a little hard to see). Once you reach the top, take out the Glinthawks, then look for the rope you can cross to an isolated rock platform that houses the Metal Flower.

The location of Metal Flower - Mark III (F) on your map (left) and in the game (right).

J) North of the Gatelands Bandit Camp is the outpost of Lone Light. Just southeast of Lone Light is a bridge that crosses the river. Head over to the eastern side of the bridge and then go down to the shore underneath the bridge to find the Metal Flower.

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