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Horizon: Zero Dawn

A Moment's Peace

Jarrod Garripoli
Nathan Garvin

Northwest of Devil’s Grief, the big set of ruins in the northeast, is a snowy area that is split into an eastern half and a western half. As you explore the western half, you will come across a Banuk settlement and this sidequest will begin. Keep going north and you will notice that there are some docile Machines with the Banuk… hmm, it looks like these people know how to override the Machines. Continue heading in the same direction, noting that the quest log says to talk to one of the Banuks, bringing out your Focus and look at the mountain. You should see a pulsating purple signal, similar to the ones given off by the Tallneck and Cauldron.

Feel free to talk to the few who will speak back, as well as loot the various supply crates littered around the camp. When you’re ready, you need to find a way up the mountain, which you can do by taking the path at the far north of the settlement. Of course, this leads to a quick dead end, but there are footholds on the one side that will allow you to ascend. Jump and climb your way up, then cross a rope to find more climbing. Upon reaching the top, you’ll see some friendly Glinthawks perched and hear some human voices. Follow the trail to find two guys, who mention that some Oseram are looking to remove some ancient machine that appears to be calming the Machines.

As you approach the guys hammering away at the thing, some conversation will happen and they will go away. Examine the ancient machine with your Focus to see that it is in bad shape, so Aloy decides she better quickly get back to the Banuk settlement. Run back to the cliff’s edge and use the tree branch to rappel back to the bottom of the mountain, where you will see that the Machines have begun attacking already. Take the zipline back down, then get to work on dismantling them the old-fashioned way.

To the left of the Banuk markings are some handholds to climb (left). Don’t worry about the machines here, as they are friendly and won’t attack you (right).

The biggest problem is the Ravager, of course, a new type of Machine you probably haven’t encountered yet. Think of this thing as a slightly stronger Sawtooth, with the addition of a shoulder-mounted cannon that can fire like a machine gun (if you’ve fought a Thunderjaw, it’s similar to that ones by its mouth). If you can, use your Sharpshot Bow to attack the cannon first, leaving the Ravager to pretty much melee attacks. Note that its melee attack is a two-parter, the first is similar to the Sawtooth’s, then it does another right after, so keep rolling away to keep safe.

Its main body is weak to fire, but strong against shock, so stick to fire arrows for your main damage. There is a freeze canister on its belly, but it can be hard to hit, especially with it moving around so much. It also has a power cell on its back, so hitting this with a shock arrow, should you have access to them, will cause some heavy damage. Basically, shoot off the cannon, then stick to fire to bring it down. Luckily, you also have the Banuk hunters to help you. Once all of the machines down finished, talk to Tikuk to finish the quest.

Objective Reward
For investigating the docile machines 3,000 XP / Extraordinary Reward Box

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    16 February 2017
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Taking place one-thousand years in the future, colossal machines have overrun and dominated the land, forcing humans to regress to tribal societies who have to survive off the land. Where did these behemoths come from? With a love for technology, it is up to Aloy, an outcast of her Nora tribe, to uncover the mysteries of her world. Take to the open world to explore, fight the metal monstrosities and learn all about the wonderful world of Horizon: Zero Dawn.

Version 1.2

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