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Horizon: Zero Dawn

Exploring Meridian

Jarrod Garripoli
Nathan Garvin
Scanned Glyphs
The Liberation
The Mad Sun-King

Datapoints in Meridian

Now that the business with Olin is completed, it’s time to return to Meridian and give it a thorough bit of exploration. As mentioned before there are several new sidequests/errands to pick up, merchants to pester and datapoints to log.

Travel back to the Meridian Gate icon (or the Campfire nearby) and head back south down the long bridge into Meridian. Meridian is a fairly big place, but fortunately it’s rather compartmentalized. In this first area, scan a book to log the Scanned Glyph “The Liberation” . Once done, head through an arch to the west and scan another book on a wagon south of a tree to record the Scanned Glyph “The Mad Sun-King” . Next turn south and pass through some arches (you can find some Supply Crates in nearby alleys) to reach another plaza with a well and two merchants.

Kudiv will request Metal Flowers (left) for which he’ll hand over lucrative reward boxes (right).

Kudivs Flower Obsession

The northern-most of these two merchants - Kudiv - seeks sets of Metal Flowers, which he’ll trade Kudiv’s Reward Boxes for. These boxes will generally give you a few purple (Very Rare) modifications, and several Modifications Boxes, which may give you another… so all those collectible sets you accrue are worth about as much as killing a single large machine. Kind of disappointing, but hey, what else are you going to do with them? The other merchant simply sells machine Lenses and Hearts, although for the price he wants, you might as well go gather them yourself.

Cantarah seeks Banuk Figurines (left) for which she’ll trade reward boxes (right).

Cantarah and the Eclectic Collectibles Merchant

To the southwest are some stairs leading to the Hunters Lodge, wherein you’ll find a few people to talk to and sidequests/errands to pick up, but that can be saved for later, as it’ll require you to wander around further south and fight bigger robots than you need to bother with right now. Instead, head southeast across the front of the stairs to reach another plaza packed with merchants… if two counts as packed. One merchant will trade eclectic artifacts in exchange for a bit of Metal Shards and a machine bit, while the other merchant - Cantarah - will trade Cantarah’s Reward Boxes for Banuk Figurines. Expect roughly the same content in them as the boxes that Kudiv will give you - Metal Shards and Modification Boxes.

Studious Palas has some silly ideas about Ancient Vessels (left) but he’s willing to trade valuable resources for them (right).

Studious Palas and the Cup Theory

Another merchant awaits through some arches to the north, and east, respectively, and this one sells a variety of mystery reward boxes. The price, however, ranges from mere Metal Shards to machine components to items you need to gather from the the “Eclectic Collectibles” merchant to the south, to unique collectibles you’ll have to find in old world ruins. To find the last two merchants continue east into another plaza, where Studious Palas waits. Like Kudiv and Cantarah, he deals in collectibles, in particular, he’s got a fixation on ancient vessels and will trade reward boxes for sets of them. The other merchant nearby is your standard merchant, with an inventory identical to the one in Cut-Cliffs.

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