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Horizon: Zero Dawn

Luck of the Hunt

Jarrod Garripoli
Nathan Garvin

Now it’s time to head back to Mother’s Crown and cross off a few sidequests. When you make it back (perhaps by fast traveling?) head northwest from the Campfire to find two quest-givers. To the north is a dark-skinned man who encourages you to seek out another Hunting Grounds site to the north, which can wait until you have better tools and clear up some more main quests.

That out of the way, turn west to find a cowled man named Taim standing on a porch, who will try to rope you into hunting down some Boars for their skins, after which he’ll get to his real purpose - a big bad machine scared him and he lost his lucky ring. This starts the quest “Luck of the Hunt”.

Talk to Taim to get two tasks - recover Boar Skin and find his missing right (left). Boars can be found in great numbers in the forests to the east (right).

Taims Ring

Leave Mother’s Crown via its northern gate and continue north to the first Campfire outside of town. At this Campfire turn east and head through the wilderness, crossing a stream then using a zipline to bypass another stream and a gorge. Turn northeast and, below you, you should spot a Grazer Site occupied by numerous Grazers and a few diligent Watchers. Continue north and use a rappel point to reach the lowlands, after which take cover in the high grass nearby. You know the routine from here - Silent Strike/Lure Call the machines to their demise, and when they’re eradicated (and looted!) activate your Focus to find Taim’s trail. Follow Taim’s trail in an easterly direction to find the corpse of a quite-dead Boar, which will yield a “Lost Ring” when searched. Ironic, really.

Track Taim’s past movements (left) to find a dead Boar, inside of which youll find Taim’s Lost Ring (right).

The Beast of Boar Forest

Now that you have Taim’s ring, it’s time to get some Boar Skins (assuming you haven’t already). You can get these skins from anywhere, obviously, but there’s good hunting in the woods across the river east of Mother’s Crown, east, southeast of where you found Taim’s ring. Unfortunately, Taim wasn’t lying about the machine that scared him off, and he had good reason to flee, as a Sawtooth stalks these woods. He may have a lucky ring, but it ain’t THAT lucky!

You aren’t Taim, however, you’re an omni-competent video game protagonist controlled by a humanoid of some shape or description, so a Sawtooth shouldn’t be outside of your means. Shock Wires will work fine to stun the machine, and you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to setting them up, as the many trees about will prove to be fine anchor points. Just mark its trail and prepare a few surprises for it along the way, or just pelt it with Shock Arrows to stun it. Once it’s stunned and its Blaze Canister is revealed, blow that up, then finish the Sawtooth off, perhaps with another round of stunning followed up by melee attacks?

Once the machine has been neutralized, hunt at your leisure until you have four Boar Skins, then return to Taim, who will be resting at the Campfire north of Mother’s Crown. Talk to him and he’ll make a sensible resolution concerning his matrilineal ring before giving you your reward.

Objective Rewards
For helping out Taim 1,670 XP / +1 Generous Reward Box

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