Before you even go to the Sun Furrows Hunting Grounds, you will want to complete Cauldron RHO, as you need the ability to override Ravagers. In order to find this Hunting Ground, look to the northeast of the Dimmed Bones ruins that you visited whenever Erend brought you there in The Field of the Fallen. All of the trials involve the Ravagers in some manner, whether it’s using their cannon to kill other machines, killing them or controlling them. Besides the two Ravagers, there are also a few Watchers and a Thunderjaw in the middle.

Ravager vs. Machines Trial

Blazing Sun Full Sun Half Sun
1:10 2:00 20:00

For this trial, you need to pop off the cannon from atop one of the Ravagers, then use that to kill two machines. You will want a weapon with a lot of Tear on it, such as a Tearblast Arrow or Tearblaster to knock it off. Use the middle zipline to get to an elevated area with a Watcher and Ravager nearby, then as soon as you land, quickly use a Tearblast Arrow to get the cannon knocked off. Once you do that, hurry and pick it up, then use the weapon on the same Ravager and nearby Watcher. Do not worry if you get hit while holding the cannon, as you should still hold onto the cannon whenever you get back on your feet.

Thunderjaw vs. Ravager Trial

Blazing Sun Full Sun Half Sun
2:00 2:30 20:00

Tearblast Arrows are essential to complete the trials here in time (left). Go straight after the Ravagers once you get a disc launcher (right).

This can be a highly annoying trial, simply because of what you have to do. First and foremost, make sure you have full health potions on you and that they are selected in your item wheel, as they will prove useful in cheesing this a bit. You need to knock off a Thunderjaw’s disc launcher and use that to kill the two Ravagers. Knocking off the disc launcher is the easy part, as it only takes a well-placed Tearblast Arrow, but the chaos that ensues after the fact is what makes this trial hard and annoying.

The first thing you should do is shoot off both disc launchers, just in case you need the second. After knocking them off, you should have the full attention of all of the machines in the area, so run over and quickly pick up one of the disc launchers. When a Ravager gets close enough and isn’t moving too much, let loose with the disc launcher and hopefully it dies within three to four shots. If your health gets below half, then use one of the full health potions.

Note: If you happen to see some more Watchers than normal or some Shell-Walkers, it might be because of a convoy close by.

Ravager Control Trial

Blazing Sun Full Sun Half Sun
2:40 4:00 20:00

This trial is the sole reason you need to finish Cauldron RHO, as you need to take control of two Ravagers. Once you do that, you need to take down the Thunderjaw in the center of the area, which is probably the easier of the two parts. The middle and northern ziplines will bring you straight to the locations of the two Ravagers, but you will want to be silent, as you won’t be able to override them if they have been alerted. Thus, equip the Silent Hunter outfit, preferably Heavy, and some stealth mods to keep hidden.

Quickly, but silently, override the two Ravagers (left). Freezing the Thunderjaw will make it go down quicker (right).

Use the tall grass and Lure Call to get the attention of the Ravagers, then when they get close enough, override them. It might be easier to start with the northern of the two, then sprint over to the other side (mind the Watcher) to get the other. Once you get both, it’s time to kill the Thunderjaw. The easier way to do this, depending on the time you have left, is to use Freeze Arrows to ice the machine, then just pelt it with precision arrows while your friendly Ravagers join in. With enough help and maybe a little bit of luck, the Thunderjaw will go down without any trouble.

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