The southwest corner of the map is a literal jungle and you will find this Cauldron on the southcentral end of it. As you approach, you will notice that a bunch of Eclipse cultists are outside, so your first priority will be to clear them. They are nothing special, although one is an elite that is carrying around a Deathbringer Gun. Kill them all and loot an Excavation Key from one of the goons, then open the door and head inside. There are Blaze Containers littered about that you can use fire arrow on to explode the cultists into tiny pieces.

Use the blaze containers outside to thin the cultists’ numbers (left). You need a key from one of their corpses to enter the Cauldron (right).

The path at the beginning is linear and will contain two guards walking along it, with three more in the first actual room with ramps leading into a big open area. There are a lot of cultists here, some of which you can see below and even more further into the area. In order to reach the lower area, you need to use the rappel point, but try to pick off some enemies before you go down. When the coast is clear, rappel down and start picking off the remaining cultists. If you’re seen, there should be a lot of cover for you.

At the far end of the room, there might be one or two more enemies left, then it’s a climb up some ramps to reach the next area. Be careful of the giant hole in the middle of the floor as you eventually reach a cave-like room. Try to avoid the water if you can and follow the outside wall around to find a rope you can climb, letting you get to the Cauldron Core. There are more cultists here, including another with a Deathbringer Gun, but try not to use it right now, as it will help shortly. After taking everyone out, you might want to lay down some traps, as you will see shortly.

Override the Cauldron Core and you will now have to defend it. First, a bunch of cultists will show up, but after a little bit of time passes, some machines will appear. The most notable one is a Ravager, so quickly concentrate on that machine, using its cannon if you can knock it off. When everything is dead, use the ramp on the one side to jump on some platform and then the area above to start returning back to the entrance. However, as you return to the previous area, you see two problems.

The Deathbringer Gun will help you when the cultists attack the Core (left). Be on the lookout for the machines when they join the fray (right).

The first problem is that some cultists have shown their ugly faces and the second problem is that there is a Stalker, as well. On the plus side, they don’t like each other, so the Stalker will kill the cultists, most likely, but you’ll be left alone with it. While cloaked, they can be hard to see sometimes, but you might see some red lights on the ground. These are flares and they signal a presence when you get close enough, but you can shoot them to trigger them. So, before dropping down into the room, shoot the flares to lure the Stalker into range where you can shoot it.

Override the door in the room to get to the big open area, where there will be more cultists and multiple Stalkers. Use the same tactics as before, noting that the cultists are actually hiding in tall grass. On the eastern end of the room, climb the discharge pylon to reach some handholds that allow you to continue to another battle with cultists and machines. Let them fight it out, then pick off the leftovers. All that’s left will be two more cultists between you and the exit. Note that there is another battle outside, but as soon as you emerge, you will finish this Cauldron and can ignore that battle.

8,000 XP / +1 Skill Points

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