Gera can be found at Hunter’s Gathering, a small outpost that is west of the Valleymeet Huntings Grounds near Cauldron SIGMA. She asks a favor of you, to look for her husband, who has went missing on his way to the outpost. Gera mentions that he was last seen at the bridge near the Glarebreak, which is a good ways to the northwest of Hunter’s Gathering. Going west from Hunter’s Gathering will eventually let you reach Daytower, if you haven’t already gone there yet.

Take the southwest exit at Daytower and follow the path down, being mindful of the Stormbird at the bottom, as this thing is quite a challenging machine. Head straight north until you get to the river, then follow that as it goes north, passing the island with the Snapmaw site. Keep going north, along the river, and when it splits to the northeast, go that way to find the small outpost of Free Heap. Take the northern exit and head north/northwest, running along the path that heads in the northwestern direction.

Keep going northwest, past one campfire and until you get to another one. Just past that second campfire, to the northwest, is the bridge you need to get to for this quest. Activate your Focus and look for the hologram of a cart, which is going southeast, so highlight the track and follow it. Eventually, the cart will go off the road and double back to the west, stopping by some cactus and examining the basket near it.

This will make it so you can find a blood trail now, so do your thing and follow this one south/southwest to some travel chest. Look at this and you’ll need to trail some objects on the ground. These won’t stay highlighted, so you’ll need to keep activating/deactivating your Focus for now, until you happen upon a barrel. Examine this and you’ll find that you’re awfully close to Gera’s husband, Kendert. As said by Aloy, the barrel rolled downhill, so look east/northeast with your Focus to find him sitting on the ridge above.

Shoot the bellies on the Trampler to do the most damage (left). You are looking for the Scrappersap bottles on the ground (right).

After taking shelter from a sandstorm, his goods, some Scrappersap Bottles, got scattered amongst a herd of Tramplers, so he asks you to fetch them for him. Look below and you will see that there’s quite a number of Tramplers down there, making things a bit difficult on your end. While you can go down there and look for the bottles “peacefully,” it’s more than likely you’ll be on the receiving end of many attacks, where you will meet your swift demise. So, it looks like you’re going to have to fight, so get your bow ready.

The easiest way to confront this situation is to stick to the higher ground and take pot shots at the Tramplers. Of course, this would be a huge waste of ammo and resources, so you’ll want to target their weak spots. Hit the power cells on their back with a shock arrow to trigger an electric explosion, stunning the target and any others in the vicinity. Likewise, the same thing will happen with the processing unit on its belly, only with fire. Once you’re done, look for green loot drops, which are the bottles you need. Bring them back to Kendert, then go to Daytower to talk with Gera and finish this quest.

Objective Reward
For finding Gera's husband 2,500 XP / Generous Reward Box

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