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Horizon: Zero Dawn

Shattered Kiln Bandit Camp

Jarrod Garripoli
Nathan Garvin
Ancient Vessels
Ancient Vessel - Sterline-Malkeet
Metal Flowers
Metal Flower - Mark II (D)
Vantage Poitns
Vantage - Bryce Orbital

You may just find your old buddy Nil outside the Shattered Kiln Bandit Camp (left). As usual, start things out by picking off the Bandits along the peripheral of the camp (right).

Clearing the Shattered Kiln Bandit Camp

Now that the threat to Meridian has be finally put behind bars, it’s time to get back to Aloy’s identity crisis. Far to the northwest are the Maker’s End ruins, where Aloy might find out more about this mysterious woman from the past whom she resembles. There is, as usual, many collectibles to pick up and other map markers to clear enroute, however, so let’s attend to that bit of business, first.

Fast travel to the Campfire where you searched for Nasan during the quest “Robbing the Rich”, which is southwest from the Sun Furrows Hunting Grounds. From there, follow a road northwest, ignoring all forks along the way and passing by another campfire. Eventually this road will lead to the Shattered Kiln Bandit Camp, near which (along the south-eastern side of the camp) you may just find Nil, who is up for another round of Bandit murder.

Mount the wall along the northern end of the camp to find the alarm (left). The Bandits in the center of the camp may call for less finesse and more fireworks (right).

Let Nil join you, if he shows up, equip you Nora Silent Hunter Heavy armor and prepare your Shadow Sharpshot Bow. This camp is similar in some ways to the Hollow Fort Bandit Camp, in that the Bandits are stronger (expect to see a few skulls) and the fort is rather large and open. As usual, scan and mark the Bandits with your Focus and circle the perimeter of the camp, picking off targets as they present themselves, especially the Bandits in the watch towers.

Specifically, kill the Bandits near the southeastern gate and head northwest along the northeast edge of the fort. When you reach the northern end of the fort, scan the walls for a hand-hold you can use to climb up, then dispatch the Bandit on the wall nearby, the Bandit in the watch tower beyond him to the southwest, and any in the camp below you. Once done, shoot the alarm to disable it, making your killing more consequence free.

After clearing the Bandit Camp, be sure to talk to Nil again (left) and loot the Ancient Vessel - Sterline-Malkeet from a pile of Ancient Debris within the confines of the camp (right).

From here slaughter your way to the southwest, stopping to loot a pile of Ancient Debris with a purple loot icon to obtain the “Ancient Vessel - Sterling-Malkeet” , free two prisoners nearby, then turn southwest to find a tree with some handholds on it. Climb up the tree and onto a platform, then cross some taut ropes to the east to reach another platform overlooking the fortified structure in the center of the camp, where many Bandits await. Fortunately from this vantage you can probably pick off a few of them. Do what damage you can, then head into the structure and finish off any Bandits left within. From the roof of this building you should also have a fine vantage from which to fire down on the Bandits below.

Once the last Bandit falls, the area will be repopulated, as is the norm, complete with a merchant to sell junk to. Be sure to talk to Nil if he was with you, so you can properly end this quest… and be sure to loot that ancient debris to claim the “Sterling-Malkeet” Ancient Vessel.

Objective Rewards
For clearing the Shattered Kiln Bandit Camp 15,000 XP

Glinthawks guards Metal Flower - Mark II (D) (left) which can be found at the location indicated on the map (right).

Metal Flower - Mark II (D)

Exit the conquered Bandit Camp via the northern gate and follow the road from there to the northwest, cross a bridge, and at a fork turn southwest. At another fork turn south and cross the river, then shortly after crossing the river turn west and head towards the orange hills in the distance. Pick your way up a rocky ravine and search the southern face of the ravine to find some handholds, which leads to the precipice upon which several Glinthawks brood. Shoot down the machines, then pick up Metal Flower - Mark II (D) .

A pair of Scrappers (left) guard the Vantage - Bryce Orbital (right).

Vantage Point - Bryce Orbital

The next collectible in this bout of exploration lies to the southeast, just make your way down the sloped cliffs to the east and continue east until you find a road. Follow the road south until you reach a Campfire, which is west of the road, near a bend in the nearby river. Follow the cliffs south from here until you find some handholds on the cliffs, just north of a Longleg Site. Climb the cliffs to reach a ledge, at which turn west to find more hand holds near a dead tree. At the next landing find some hand holds taking you largely horizontally across the cliff face, ultimately leading to the top of the hill, where you’ll find two Scrappers guarding the “Vantage - Bryce Orbital” Vantage Point.

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