Lahavis, a Carja noble, is searching for his missing daughter, fearing she may have killed herself. You can find him in Brightmarket, a town that is northwest of Meridian. Lahavis suggests investigating the garden, so go east off the bridge, then north across another one. The garden will be up the stairs, past some guards. Break out your Focus to find three points of interest; a bottle, a shovel and a spyglass.

You’ll have to inspect some items in the garden (left), but examining the shovel will push the quest forward (right).

Examine each object, then use your Focus to find a trail you need to follow. This will lead you out of the village in the northeast corner, to a boathouse, where you will need to investigate some more. Look at the rope at the end of the dock, then dive into the water, swimming west/northwest to the island with the marker. You should arrive on the southeastern side of the island, so follow the coast towards the center to find a boat, along with a lovely Snapmaw waiting for you.

If the Blaze Canisters are covered, use Precision or Hardpoint Arrows to shoot them off, then finish the Snapmaw off with fire arrows to the canisters; make sure you’re not too close to avoid taking damage from the explosion. With the thing dead, head on over to the little camp and speak with Elida on top of the rock. She’s not quite ready to go back yet, so Aloy decides to take a look around the island.

You will find that there are two bedrolls by the fire, meaning that Elida had someone else there. Talk with her again to learn that a boy named Atral was supposed to come, but hasn’t yet, so she asks you to go find him for her. As you swim west from the island, you will see the smoke signal on the shoreline. Upon arriving, you find there was a scuffle, so break out the Focus to find a trail that leads up to a little fort with some human enemies. Get close enough and you’ll hear Atral screaming for help.

This place is filled with enemies and you can reach the front gate via stealth, where you’ll find some tall grass. There are two ways to tackle this situation, one by going after the enemies from the front entrance or by using a back-door solution. For the latter, go around the fort and look for some footholds you can use to get to the top, but you might want to tag all of the enemies inside before doing that. This is a pure stealth approach and there is a single enemy up top that walks around, so wait until he is facing away before stealth killing the guard where you emerge from the footholds.

You can climb up the back wall of the little fort (left), but be mindful of the patrolling guard up top (right).

Wait until the patrolling guard spots the body and he hides, which is your cue to stealth kill him. Ignore the two goons together at the top and stealth kill the remaining guard by himself, then find the door and descend the stairs. At the bottom of the second set, be on the lookout for one more enemy, then meet up with Atral. He hands over an item to give to Elida, then kicks the bucket, so make your way back down the way you came and return to Elida, who’s now in Brightmarket. Talk with her, then with Lahavis to finish the quest.

Objective Reward
For finding Lahavis' missing daughter 5,000 XP

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