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Horizon: Zero Dawn
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Author(s): Nathan Garvin, Jarrod Garripoli
First Published: 16-02-2017 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 19-05-2019 / 18:54 GMT
Version: 1.2 (????) 24-08-2019 / 09:50 GMT

Horizon: Zero Dawn Guide

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Banuk Figures

Banuk Figures are one of the collectibles in Horizon and are small, wooden artifacts left behind by one of the Banuk people. They are found high in the mountains and usually require you to climb a bunch of ledges in order to reach them. One of the easiest ways to usually find the handholds needed to reach them is by looking for Banuk paintings on the rock walls. There are only six Banuk Figures in the game and as with the other collectibles, they are split into three different sets and merchants will sell a map that will place the general area on your map.

1) I Name You - In the northwest portion of Hunter’s Gathering, look for the paintings on the cliff, with a pole right next to it with some footholds. Climb the pole and the cliff to reach the top, then look to the northwest, past the end of the zipline, to spot more footholds in between the gap of the mountain. Climb up and around to eventually reach the top, where you’ll find a rope to walk across, leading you to the Banuk Figure.

Banuk Figures can be found by first finding the Banuk paintings on the cliffsides (left) and following the footholds to each one (right).

2) My Claim - From the bandit camp in Devil’s Thirst, look to the northeast and spot the lone road that "disappears" into the mountains there. If you go there, you should see two poles with some footholds that has a rope connecting it. Climb either pole and stand in the middle of the rope, then jump towards the cliffside to grab hold of it. Ascend to the ledge, then use the wooden platforms and more footholds to get to the top, where you can walk across a rope to the zipline and Banuk Figure sitting on the ground.

3) Punishment - Northwest of Devil’s Grief is a snow-filled area that is split into two parts, east and west. At the north end of the western section is a Banuk settlement. From where the Banuk settlement is located, particularly the merchant, head east and follow the mountain south until you spot some markings on side of the mountain. There will be some footholds that you can use to scale the mountain, where you’ll find the Banuk Figure next to a zipline.

4) I Cannot Confess - West of Meridian is a Sawtooth site icon in the jungle area and north of that icon will be the painted Banuk markings, with some handholds right below them. Climb up to the first ledge, then follow the path to more handholds and eventually the Banuk Figure.

5) The Vision - This Banuk is located south/southwest of Sunfall and it can be a little tricky finding the starting point for it. If you have the map for the Banuk Figures, you want to look towards the northeast corner of the circle for this one; it’s a bit northwest of the Broadhead site icon on the map. You’re looking for a tall, thin wooden pole that will have handholds on it and will get you to the Banuk Figure eventually.

6) Mother - East of Cauldron Zeta is a campfire that is right next to a Charger Site. Follow the road there east, keeping an eye to the north for a decorated pole. Go to that pole when you see it and head northeast from there, until you find the painted cliffside, signaling an area you should climb. Find the footholds that allow you to climb to the Banuk Figure (might be a Glinthawk in the area).

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