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Horizon: Zero Dawn

Deep Secrets of the Earth (2)

Jarrod Garripoli
Nathan Garvin

Once you’re finished with all of the distractions, return to the area inside of Sunfall where you got the Traitor’s Bounty sidequest. Sylens points to step out on the Grand Balcony, as it is the way forward. On the eastern side is a break in the railing, where you can drop down and then hop onto some rocks. Cross here and then use the handholds to climb down, examining the wood there to spark Sylens saying this is a point of no return.

Zero Dawn Project Facility

After the scene is over, the door leading into the facility will now be open, although the actual opening of the door may have attracted some unwanted visitors. Ignore that for now and go into the first room, scanning to find two Datapoints - Another Incident and We Need Support Too! Yep, this is going to be another area where you will get a truckload of Datapoints, so keep an eye out for the icons on your radar. Open the door ahead and go through it, where there will be another Datapoint in the small room to the north ( Restock or Else… ), as well as one more by the next door ( Sound Proofing? ).

There will be some more story through the next door, with The Bad News Hologram Datapoint being added to your list. Unfortunately, those unwanted visitors earlier are now inside the facility as you go through the next door, but they can’t see you right now. There should be a ladder to your right as soon as you enter, which brings you to a catwalk with a supply box and the Interview: Dr. Hsu-Vhey Datapoint next to it. Back down to the ground floor, sneak around and kill the three Shadow Carja snooping, one of which is an Elite.

Once you put arrows into their head, it’s time to take in all of the Datapoints in the area - Interview: Tom Paech , Interview: Travis Tate , Interview: Brad Andac , Counselor Guidelines (1) , Interview: Susanne Alpert , Interview: Cpt. Okilo and Interview: Ron Felder . Yep, that’s a lot of stuff to listen to, if you feel like doing it. To continue, you need to find a door to go through on the western side, where you will see another Hologram Datapoint ( The Good News ), revealing the truth about Zero Dawn.

There are a lot of Datapoints inside the facility (left), some of which are very important to the plot (right).

Continue through the next door to find even more Datapoints - Make Your Selection , Interview 2: Brad Andac , Interview 2: Susanne Alpert , Counselor Guidelines (2) , and Interview 2: Ron Felder . Make sure your medicine pouch is full as you journey to the next room, as three elite Shadow Carja appear with Firestrikers. The best strategy here is to ready your bow to fire in the short hallway prior to entering this room, creep inside, use your Concentration to slow down time and aim for their heads. With some damage mods and precision arrows, it should only take two to three headshots to put down each of the three elites.

There will be three more Datapoints in this area - Log: Tom Paech , Log: Christina Hsu-Vhey , and Log: Travis Tate . Approach the door by the elites to find that it’s locked, which is something you’ve encountered before in other ruins. Look to the east to spot some stairs going down, leading to the locks needed to progress. However, the one set of “keys” is inaccessible due to missing something. Check out the Code Nexus next to the other set of switches to learn the combination, which is Left, Up, Left, Down and Right, in that order.

This doesn’t open the door upstairs, but the one down the hallway next to this room. Go through the door and up the ladder to find an Emitter sitting on the desk, as well as a supply crate across a rope. Return to the room with the switches and place the Emitter in its missing slot, then check out the Datapoint on the ground next to the Code Nexus. Somehow, this incompetent Brett person installed the H-emitter node backwards and if you check the Code Nexus, you see it is upside down. So, to input the correct combination, start the bottom and flip each arrow around to get Down, Left, Up, Right and Down.

Woo, this unlocks the door upstairs, leading you to a room with some Shadow Carja inside. At first, there’s only three, but one of them is annoying and likes to get up to you to try some melee action, making things troublesome due to the lack of space to maneuver. Quickly take them out, then a second wave will show up, but they might not notice you right away, giving you a chance to regain your bearings and get the jump on them. Things look clear after the second wave, but Aloy speaks a bit too soon as more enemies grace you with their presence. Be wary of the ones with Deathbringer Guns and use the various amounts of coverage in the room to block their attacks.

Luring the Eclipse into previous rooms will make it easier in taking them out.

Reaching Sobecks Office

Whew, that was an intense battle, or it might’ve been easy. Either way, after dispatching all of the Eclipse, go through the eastern doorway to find even more Datapoints - Simulation Results and Full Steam . There is a holo projector here that provides some backstory on Project Zero Dawn, but it doesn’t give you a Datapoint in the end, so listen if you want. There is a doorway to the north leading to some stairs, bringing you to the second floor where some Eclipse enemies were located. You’ll pass by some more Datapoints, but you can’t read them from this side, for some odd reason, even if you could read previous ones through walls.

As you pass through a hallway of sorts, Aloy will mention more Eclipse, but they’re in the room below and you can’t do anything with them right now. Continue on to some stairs going down, with another holo projector telling you about Zero Dawn. There’s two Datapoints here, one across from the projector ( Encapsulated DNA ) and another at the bottom of the stairs ( Apollo Update ). In the room beyond will be those Eclipse you saw before, so get the one right ahead of you, then start sneaking your way around to get the rest. When the coast is clear, climb one of the ladders to the central pillar to find the Herres Testimonial Datapoint on one of the consoles.

There’s nothing else in the room, despite its size, so make your way to the exit on the northern side to find another room with yet more Datapoints ( Noise Complaints , HADES Protocol , and Archive Abuse ) and a holo projector. Beyond the last Datapoint mentioned is a crack in the wall to progress further, with more Datapoints ( FZ Chambers , Cradle Servitor Personae , and Cradle Sealed ) and another holo projector. Use the stairs to find what looks like a defunct elevator shaft, where you can climb to the floor above and just outside Sobeck’s office.

Yes, those are more Datapoints on your radar, so scan them to get three Sobeck logs - GAIA Log: 27 March 2065 , GAIA Log: 5 June 2065 , and GAIA Log: 13 January 2066 . There is a door that doesn’t open with the normal method on the one side of the room, but thanks to your trusty spear and a little elbow grease, it will be pried open. This is finally Sobeck’s office, which has two more Datapoints - Odyssey Has Failed and Artemis Status - and Sobeck’s terminal. Examine it to kick off some events that will end this quest and put you right into the next one.

Objective Reward
For finding the truth about Zero Dawn 10,500 XP / +1 Skill Points
Trophy/Achievement Icon

Discovered the truth

Discovered the truth of Zero Dawn.

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