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Horizon: Zero Dawn
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Nathan Garvin, Jarrod Garripoli
First Published: 16-02-2017 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:08 GMT
Version: 1.2 (????) 08-04-2020 / 08:57 GMT

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Horizon: Zero Dawn Guide

5 months ago · Guide Information

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Dervahls Conspiracy

Death From the Skies

Shoot down the Glinthawks assaulting Pitchcliffs (left) then talk to Shahavad to learn what's luring them (right).

Pitchcliffs Under Assault

While you may be done thwarting Dervahl’s scheme, there’s another quest that will crop up in the previously-visited town of Pitchcliffs, which you may as well go attend to now. Fast travel to the Campfire southeast of Pitchcliffs to find that the town is under assault by a flock of Glinthawks. Because of course it has to be Glinthawks…

Shoot down the Glinthawks, then head into Pitchcliffs, make your way to the leader’s house, climb some stairs and ascend a ladder then talk to the leader - Ralert - who largely complains about the Carja before leaving the investigation of the Glinthawk menace up to you. Climb down off Ralert’s house and make your way north to find Shahavad fussing over a device, which is apparently luring the Glinthawks. After Aloy takes a common-sense approach to deactivating the device, exhaust Shahavad’s dialogue options to learn where he found the device.

To reach Shahavad's camp, some climbing is in order (left), and just beyond his camp you'll have to put down some Longleg machines (right).

Mysterious Mountain Workshop

Sure enough, as Ralert suggested, a Carja was behind the troubles. Now that you have the location of the workshop and are done with Shahavad’s dramatics, it’s time to head to this workshop and prevent more trouble from coming out of it. Your goal is a ways northeast of Pitchcliffs, to get there just head along the road near the Campfire outside of Pitchcliffs, cross a river, and at a four-way fork follow the road northeast. You’ll pass one Campfire (near a Glinthawk Site) before heading up a winding mountain trail and climbing some ledges to reach another Campfire at the campsite belonging to Shahavad.

Continue northeast until the trail apparently ends, at which point turn southeast to find some hand holds on a cliff. Jump onto the hand holds and climb your way east to reach a snowy ledge with some loot incentive, then turn southwest and jump onto more hand holds that’ll take you up and to the west.

Pelt the Stormbird with Freeze Arrows to knock it out of the sky (left) and leave it more vulnerable to impact damage (right).

When you reach solid footing above, dispatch two Longleg machines and proceed along a trail to the southeast, then south, crossing a bridge and disposing of a Freeze Bellowback and its two attendant Redeye Watchers. Beyond this, to the south, a Stormbird roosts, apparently lured by three devices. You could use the tall grass to be all sneaky and disable the devices… or you could just kill the Stormbird. In case you forgot, one general approach to battling a Stormbird includes using Freeze Arrows to freeze it and increase your damage, after which target its Lightning Gun and Engines. There are even some tunnels you can hide in to lose the Stormbird, should things go awry.

However you choose to deal with the situation, once the last device is disabled, use your Focus to scan the lab and pick up the Text Datapoint - Quest "Tattered Letter". Apparently your old friend Dervahl was behind these lures, and antics like this are certainly a big part of the reason why his own people want him gone. Return to Ralert to put this matter to rest.

Objective Rewards
For ending the threat to Pitchcliffs 6,250 XP / +1 Extraordinary Reward Box

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    Action Role-playing
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    16 February 2017
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    1 November 2019
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    Nathan Garvin, Jarrod Garripoli

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