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Like a Dragon: Ishin

How to Pay Off Haruka's Debt

Matt Chard

At the beginning of Chapter 4 in Like a Dragon Ishin you’ll meet Haruka. If you’ve played the previous Yakuza games you’ll know exactly who she is. Although she looks the same, she isn’t the original Haruka from the mainline series, instead, she is just using her looks, and name. Due to unfortunate circumstances, Haruka is left with a debt to pay, or she’ll lose the house she’s lived in all her life. Fortunately for her, you are a good Samaritan and will agree to pay it for her in exchange for a place to live which she’ll agree to. This page will help you pay off Haruka’s staggering debt with tips on how to earn money.

At the start of Chapter 4 you’ll get a second home, and the debt that comes with it.

The Debt

Due to the untimely death of her parents, Haruka is left with a 100 ryo debt, or she’ll lose her childhood home. This is a lot of money, especially that early in the game. Fortunately, you can pay it off in five installments of 20 ryo which is still a lot, but at least it’s a lot more manageable. Thankfully, there isn’t a time limit to pay back the debt, so you can play through the game the way you’d like to. But if you want to get the “Debt Repayment!” trophy/achievement, you will have to pay it back at some point.

How to Pay Off the Debt

When you’re at the house, and you exit it into the garden you will get a short scene of a courier dropping by. They will hand you a letter which means you can pay off the installment. Just because you receive the letter now doesn’t mean you have to pay it back straight away, instead, it means that you have the option to pay it off. When you have the requested 20 ryo, head over to the Shrine in Fushimi which can be found by following the path northeast from the Teradaya.

(1 of 2) At some point, you’ll get a letter from a courier when you exit the house.

At some point, you’ll get a letter from a courier when you exit the house. (left), This means that you can pay off the first installment when you have the money. (right)

Here you’ll find the Landlord, and if you have the money on you, choose the top option to pay 20 ryo. The first time you pay off an installment, the Landlord will give you the Genkimusume Kimono, which you can give to Haruka to change her outfit. You can do this by interacting with the Trade Orders cupboard and selecting the middle option (you can get more from the Shinto Priest Shop).

(1 of 2) To pay off your debt, you’ll need to visit the Landlord after you receive a letter.

To pay off your debt, you’ll need to visit the Landlord after you receive a letter. (left), You can find him at the shrine in Fushimi, northeast of the Teradaya. (right)

Making Money in Like a Dragon Ishin

There are an extraordinary amount of ways to make money in the game, but some activities are better than others. Also, it depends on how far you are through the story because some things open up later in the game. The earliest way to make a decent amount of cash is to use the Farming, Cooking, Fishing, and Trade Orders features. You can do this as early as Chapter 4, and you can make some serious money early on.

(1 of 3) A good way to make money early on is to use the Another Life features such as Cooking.

Check out the Trade Orders to see what meals, fish, or crops you need, and start placing the crops down in the farm to be self-sufficient. If you need to speed up the process, purchase the Virtue Shop upgrades for the farm, cooking, and fishing, then purchase some fertilizer from the Manure Merchant who roams around Fushimi. At first, you won’t get a lot of money from the Trade Orders, but the more times you do it, the rewards will increase exponentially up to 200% extra which adds up.

(1 of 2) You won’t be able to access Battle Dungeons until Chapter 5, but when you can, you can access it from the receptionist in the Shinsengumi Barracks.

You won’t be able to access Battle Dungeons until Chapter 5, but when you can, you can access it from the receptionist in the Shinsengumi Barracks. (left), The Battle Dungeons pay rather well, and are relatively easy providing you haven’t been neglecting your equipment. (right)

During Chapter 5, you will unlock Battle Dungeons which can be accessed at the Shinsengumi Barracks after you’ve got the tutorial. Similar to Trade Orders, you won’t get much at first, but as you unlock more, they’ll start to pay you a lot among other useful items. Battle Dungeons are small dungeons that require you to perform a small task such as rescuing the hostages or collecting some items. They’re relatively small, and if you progress through them quickly to unlock the harder difficulties, you can earn a lot of money in a short space of time.

Then you have the Gambling Hall, this isn’t the greatest place to get cash, but if you’re doing it for other reasons, you can purchase some materials like Silver, Gold, or Platinum plates which sell for a nice amount. This is only worth doing if you earn the tags yourself instead of purchasing them as they will cost you more to buy than what you can sell them for. At some point, you will want to use the Gambling Hall if you are chasing the trophies/achievements, so keep this in mind if you do.

(1 of 4) The Gambling Den allows you to exchange your winning for useful items.

One final tip is to chop logs in Fushimi. This is a tedious task, but you can earn up to 150 mon per log at maximum bond. You can chop them pretty quick if you’re good at the mini-game where you’ll earn 1 ryo for every 67 logs cut, but you will need some caffeine to keep yourself awake while doing it! You can find the Wood Cutter near the Palanquin in the southwest of Fushimi.

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