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Scott Peers

This mission begins immediately after Patterns in Time. Now that you’ve learned a bit more about the history of the Vy’keen, Korvax, and Gek, you’ll need to speak with both -null- and Apollo again.

Speak with -null- and Apollo at a Holo-Terminus

As with your other attempts to reconnect with key figures during these missions, you’ll need to locate a Holo-Terminus first. Use the scanner from your Starship to locate one on a nearby planet, then make your way to the top and interact with the terminal. You will go through a number of dialogue options with -null-, but you can choose whatever you like here as the outcome will be the same regardless.

Once you’re done speaking with -null-, you can speak with Apollo at the same Holo-Terminus. The nature of the conversation here will depend on whether you transmitted the glyphs to him during The First Traveller. If you did, Apollo will talk about how the journey was successful. If you didn’t transmit the glyphs to Apollo earlier, Apollo will express how upset they were by this. Either way, they’ll ask for your coordinates of your location and quickly become confused when they realize that you share the same coordinates. Apollo will be confused by the fact that you’re not able to see each other, even though you’re using the same Holo-Terminus this time. When the conversation ends, you’ll have an opportunity to return to the Space Anomaly to speak with Priest Entity Nada and Specialist Polo.

Speak with the Atlas Interface

Investigate the Distress Beacon

After the conversation with Apollo, you’ll be given the coordinates of a nearby distress beacon. Upon arrival, you’ll find that it’s the same beacon that you encountered during the first mission of this chain, Awakenings. When you interact with the beacon you’ll find some audio recordings related to the story of the Atlas. You can go through the motions of dialogue to read these before receiving a set of glyph sequences for a portal. As you did during your first encounter with a portal, you’ll need to charge the glyphs using specific elements, then activate and pass through the portal.

How to Survive in Space

At the other end of the portal you’ll find yourself floating in open space, with an Atlas Interface nearby. You’ll quickly find that your life support systems are rapidly depleting, so you’ll need to use the quick access menu to recharge them with Oxygen, Dioxite, or Life Support Gel. The Life Support Gel will completely refill your systems, so we’d recommend using this, but Oxygen or Dioxite will do just fine if you’re quick enough. You’ll only need to do this for a few seconds before you’re transported inside the Atlas Interface.

What Should You Say to the Atlas Interface?

When you speak with the Atlas Interface you’ll have a number of dialogue options which may seem confusing at times. It doesn’t actually matter what you choose here since the outcome will be the same. However, the nature of the conversation will depend on what your choices during the story have been so far. The Atlas Interface will discuss the implications of whether you kept Artemis in the Korvax Simulation, or whether you let him die. They will also explore the consequences of whether or not you provided Apollo with the portal glyphs. In each case, there are no real-world consequences here, only the philosophical implications with regard to the nature of your own place in the universe.

Warn the Travellers About the End of the Atlas

As with your previous conversation with the Atlas Interface, once the dialogue ends you will find yourself transported to a random planet, with your Starship nearby but with its Launch Thruster damaged. As before, you’ll need to repair this and then make your way into space. You’ll be prompted to find a nearby Holo-Terminus so that you can warn the other Travellers about the impending doom of the Atlas. However, once you reach a Holo-Terminus you won’t be able to contact anyone in particular, but you can still broadcast a message in the hopes that it will reach some of them. The mission will end after you’ve sent the message, but be sure to visit the Space Anomaly to inform Priest Entity Nada and Specialist Polo of all that has transpired.


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