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No Man's Sky

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How to Craft Warp Cells

Paul McNally

Warp Cells in No Man’s Sky are like Launch Fuel - it’s a bit of an annoyance to always make sure you have enough and you have to be on top of your housekeeping to ensure you don’t run out at an inopportune moment when you want to high-tail it from one system to another.

If you want to take your pride and joy to a new system you are going to need a Warp Cell.

When the game is holding your hand through the tutorial you are led to a friendly entity who will give you the Blueprint for Antimatter so you can make your own whenever you like and thus, go galavanting around the galaxy wherever your heart may take you.

But is it as simple as crafting Antimatter - unfortunately not, so let’s have a look at what you need to do to get that hunk of junk of yours into the next system and beyond?

What is a Warp Cell in No Man’s Sky?

The Warp Cell fuels your ship so you can travel to new star systems. Each Warp Cell will fill up 20% of your tank, so, maths fans, that means you need five to fill it completely, and with the cost of fuel these days you can imagine that this is not going to come cheap.

How to craft Antimatter from Blueprints in NMS

Crafting Antomatter regularly is a habit you need to get into.

Before you can think about going anywhere you need Antimatter and to use it in your ship you are going to need somewhere to keep it - that’s called Antimatter Housing. Once you have both of those you can then craft a Warp Cell and put that in your ship to warp away until your heart’s content - or at least until it runs out again.

Crafting Antimatter requires 25 Chromatic Metal and 20 Condensed Carbon. The Carbon is easy as refining plain old Carbon gives you Condensed Carbon, albeit half the amount of Carbon you put in - it is condensed after all.

Chromatic Metal is not difficult but requires a rarer resource than Carbon. For Chromatic Metal you will need a supply of one of the stellar metals. The easiest to find is Copper, but you may still have to hunt for it depending on the type of planet you are on. You can also Emeril, Cadmium, or Indium, which are rarer still but produce more Chromatic Metal when refined.

How to craft an Antimatter Housing in NMS

Once you have Antimatter you need its housing - you actually don’t as you can keep Antimatter in your inventory with no ill effects, it’s just another step you need to do, some might say unnecessarily.

Antimatter Housing is created with 50 Ferrite Dust and 30 Oxygen, so pretty easy to come across, although Oxygen may be a little trickier to find in the early game. Look for planets that give it off when mined. Dangerous flora is a good source.

How to craft a Warp Cell in No Man’s Sky

You can fill up your Hyperdrive from this screen.

Now you have Antimatter Housing and Antimatter you can craft your Warp Cell. Just go to an empty inventory slot and click it and select the Warp Cell and your two items will be combined together and you can now use it to fly.

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