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How to Use NMS Save Editor

Scott Peers

The ability to use a save editor in No Man’s Sky can change the way you play the game, or even in some cases help you to find workarounds for game-breaking bugs. This was part of the inspiration behind creating a save editor, and thanks to the hard work of goatfungus over at GitHub, anyone using a PC (or PS4 via Save Wizard) can benefit from the customization and flexibility that a save editor brings to a game like NMS.

What is the Save Editor Used for in No Man’s Sky?

The save Editor created by the user mentioned above is incredibly useful for all sorts of things. Although some may view using a save editor as cheating (and technically they’d be correct), it’s reasonable to assume that not everyone has the time or will to put in the hundreds of hours of play time into a game like No Man’s Sky which is, by default and without any additional mods, required to get the most out of it.

Infinite Currency, Materials, and Items in NMS

The grindy nature of accumulating Units, Nanites, and Quicksilver in NMS can become tedious quickly, especially once you’ve covered all the templates for the Local and Guild missions. With a current total of 13 different types of repeatable missions, and a few extra from Quicksilver missions provided by the Nexus on board the Space Anomaly, there isn’t much replayability to these missions after a while. Arguably they can still serve as a way to galvanize you to explore new star systems and planets, but you can always do this without the missions to begin with.

One of the most compelling reasons to use a save editor is to quickly build the base of your dreams by acquiring enough currency to purchase all the things you need for specific types of structures or base features. Although you can do this in Creative mode, you’re required to start a new save game to do it. If you want to use the same character and progress that you always have, but you have an idea for something which requires an obscene amount of material or time required to grind it, the save editor is perfect for allowing you to instantly acquire specific materials an infinite number of times.

Fix Game-Breaking Bugs in NMS

If you’re not interested in speeding up the process of acquiring vast amounts of currency or finding the best Multi-Tools, Starships, Freighters, and technology components / upgrades, the save editor can still be useful to fix some bugs that can ruin the experience of the game. You’ll be able to edit the specific stage reached in a mission and revert back to a previous step if necessary. You should always check the change log for any updates introduced with new versions of the save editor here, since there are sometimes limitations with regard to precisely what stages of missions can be changed without introducing additional bugs. However, the save editor is currently frequently updated so you should be covered, and older versions will still work for many of the basic changes regardless.

How to Install the Save Editor for No Man’s Sky

The installation and usage of the save editor is quite simple, but be sure to check the instructions thoroughly on this page if you’re not too confident with modding or editing in general. You can also check the FAQ if you’re encountering an issue which may have a common fix or explanation. The save editor will automatically backup your save files, so you don’t need to worry about tinkering with specific settings too much if you want to go back to what you had previously. If you haven’t already got it, you may need to install a version of java script to run the save editor.

(1 of 3) You can change the amount of reputation earned for specific factions.


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