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Explorers Guild

Scott Peers

This page provides a brief overview for the Explorers Guild in No Man’s Sky, including the types of missions and activities that they specialise in, how to increase standing with them, and the types of clients who offer missions at specific rank standings.

How to Increase Rank Standing with the Explorers Guild in No Man’s Sky

The Explorers Guild is one of three guilds which operate throughout the systems in No Man’s Sky, the other two being Merchants and Mercenaries. You can acquire missions for each of these guilds from a Mission Agent, who can be found at space stations. However, if your rank with the three main races (Gek, Vy’keen, and Korvax) is low, you will mostly find missions which improve your standing with these races when you speak to Mission Agents. The type of quest you receive will depend on the dominant race of the system that you’re in. So, if you’re in a Gek dominant system, the quests you receive from the Mission Agent will always increase standing with the Gek.

Once you reach rank 2+ with a race, you’ll begin to see more quests which reward increased standing with guilds from Mission Agents. There are five missions available for each agent that you visit, and the first one will almost always offer rewards related to increased standing with the dominant race of that system. However, the second, third, and fourth will offer a low level quest for each of the three guilds, while the fifth offers a higher level mission for one of the guilds. As you increase in rank with each guild, you’ll begin to see more higher level missions become available. You will usually earn +1 standing with a guild per mission completed, but some of the higher level missions will offer +2 standing, alongside other rewards.

The Explorers Guild missions will generally focus on scanning objects, taking photos, finding missing persons, repairing damaged items and feeding creatures, but there’s a chance for any mission type to be given for a Explorers Guild reward. For a full list of quest types, see our page on How Mission Agents and Guild Envoys Work.

Aside from missions from agents, there are other activities that you can engage in which align with the interests and goals of a specific guild. For the Explorers, you can scan rare creatures and warp to new systems to earn in-game trophies for the guild. The progress of these can be tracked from the Milestones menu.

Explorers Guild Envoys in NMS

The Guild Envoys are always present at the stall just to the right of Mission Agents on space stations. These envoys will ignore you at first, but once you reach rank 2 (Initiate) with the Explorers guild, you can begin to speak with the envoys to obtain specific gifts. The value of these gifts will increase as your rank with the guild increases. In addition, at rank 3 (Apprentice), the guild envoys begin to offer you missions related to their interests. These missions are the same as those acquired from Mission Agents, but they will generally be high level missions and sometimes offer better rewards, including +5 standing upon completion. Aside from anything else, they also provide an additional mission which can be completed in bulk alongside similar quests, saving you a great deal of time and allowing you to increase rank standing more efficiently.

Explorers Guild Rank Standings

Rank / Name Standing Required
Rank 1 - Unknown 0
Rank 2 - Initiate 3
Rank 3 - Apprentice 8
Rank 4 - Journeyman 14
Rank 5 - Associate 21
Rank 6 - Senior 30
Rank 7 - Master 40
Rank 8 - Elder 60
Rank 9 - Exalted 100


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