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How to Get a Solar Ship

Scott Peers

This page details how to get a Solar Ship in No Man’s Sky. We’ll cover where to find Solar Ships in Outlaw systems, and the main advantages of a Solar Ship over other types of Starships.

Where to Find Solar Ships in No Man’s Sky

Visit an Outlaw System

The new Solar Ships can technically be found in any type of star system. The best way to find them is by waiting in the docking bay at space stations, as new ships fly in. You can try your luck at a regular space station, but the best chance of finding a Solar Ship is by waiting at Outlaw space stations, which are only located in Outlaw systems.

How to Find an Outlaw System in NMS

Craft an Economy Scanner for Your Starship

To find an Outlaw system with accuracy, you’ll first need to purchase an upgrade for your current ship: the Conflict Scanner. This can be purchased from the Starship merchant, Iteration: Hyperion, who can be found on board the Space Anomaly, in exchange for clusters of Nanites. You’ll need 1 Walker Brain and 1 Wiring Loom to craft the scanner. The Wiring Loom is easy enough to find from most Galactic Trade Terminals or visiting pilots, but the Walker Brain is significantly more rare. You can obtain Walker Brains by defeating Sentinel Walker enemies, from Suspicious Packets, or as a reward from Local and Nexus Missions.

Travel to a Pirate Controlled System From the Galaxy Map

Once you have the Conflict Scanner installed on your Starship, you can open the Galaxy Map from the quickslot menu in your Starship by pressing X-Key. You will now be able to hover over any star system in the galaxy and check its Conflict Level. This will be shown at the bottom of the info box which opens if you expand it by pressing R-Key. The only systems which are guaranteed to be classed as Outlaw systems are those marked with “Pirate Controlled” as their Conflict status. When you travel to one of these systems, you’ll find that what is usually a regular space station is now marked as an Outlaw Station. All you need to do now is enter the station and wait in the docking bay area for a Solar Ship to arrive.

(1 of 6) You will need to look for Pirate Controlled systems from the Galaxy Map once you have the Conflict Scanner installed.

How to Identify Solar Ships

Look for Solar (Vesper) Sails

The easiest way to differentiate a Solar Ship from other types of ships in No Man’s Sky is by checking for Solar Sails, also known as Vesper Sails. These will usually appear as large solar panels at the side of a ship, which sometimes retract into the ship when it lands. As a Solar Ship takes off, you’ll see the Vesper Sails expand. The exact appearance of each Solar Ship and the Vesper Sails it has will vary between the ships, but it shouldn’t take long before you begin to recognize this unique characteristic. If you’re ever unsure, you can always use the Analysis Visor to inspect a ship. This will provide a brief overview of its Name, Class, Value, Damage Potential, Shield Strength, Hyperdrive Range, and Maneuverability. The Class will always mention “Solar” if it’s actually a Solar Ship.

Aside from the fact that many Solar Ships look rather nice, there are a few advantages to owning one over the other types of ships. Almost all of these advantages are connected to the presence of the Vesper Sail, which generates an electric field so that the ship can utilize the power of solar wind. This offers substantial gains in fuel efficiency and boost performance over conventional engines, and it also allows the ship to passively recharge its Launch Thruster. In simple terms, this means that you’ll be able to take off and reach high speeds more quickly, while using less fuel in the process. You won’t need to recharge the Launch Thruster as often, since a Solar Ship is more fuel efficient. In general, Solar Ships also have improved maneuverability.


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