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Where to Find Salvaged Data

Scott Peers

This page details everything you need to know about where to find Salvaged Data in No Man’s Sky. We’ll cover the various sources for finding the item, advise on the best sources, and what it’s used for.

What is Salvaged Data Used For in No Man’s Sky

Salvaged Data is one of the most important items that you’ll need to collect throughout your play time in No Man’s Sky. It is primarily used for purchasing blueprints for various technologies and construction items from the Construction Research Station on board the Space Anomaly. You will need a lot of Salvaged Data to acquire all the available items from this terminal, so it’s worth obtaining the data whenever you get the opportunity. It’s a good idea to prioritise items which will be useful to your base building first, since this can greatly enhance your experience of the game and make it easier to farm units or other materials. Be sure to check our page on The Best Items for Your Base for our recommended items to start with.

Best Place to Find Salvaged Data

The best and most efficient way of obtaining Salvaged Data is from Buried Technology Modules. These can be found on almost any planet, and can be identified with the Analysis Visor. Once you find a Buried Technology Module, you can tag it using the Analysis Visor and then make your way to the location. As the name suggestions, most of these modules are buried, so you’ll need the Terrain Manipulator upgrade for your Multi-Tool in order to excavate the ground and reach the module. Each module will generally yield anywhere between 2 - 5 Salvaged Data, and there are plenty of the modules to be found throughout a planet. This means that you can acquire hundreds of Salvaged Data if you dedicate an hour or two to the process.

Other Sources of Salvaged Data

Although the above method is by far the easiest way to find Salvaged Data, you can also acquire it from other sources, though less reliably. These include purchasing it from some Minor Settlements encountered on planets, as rewards from Local Missions and Nexus Missions, or from Guild Merchant Envoys. At the present time, Salvaged Data is only used as a bartering item, so you won’t be needing it for any crafting recipes. If you’re having trouble locating Minor Settlements, you can use your Analysis Visor to locate a Beacon in the landscape, which is a point of interest. When you interact with a Beacon, it will reveal the precise location of a nearby Minor Settlement. Alternatively, you can also locate them using Planetary Charts, which can be purchased from Cartographer NPCs on space stations.

(1 of 3) You can use your Analysis Visor to identify Buried Technology Module sites in the landscape.


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