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Where to Find Tritium & Pyrite

Scott Peers

This page details where you can find Tritium and Pyrite in No Man’s Sky. We’ll cover the best sources for each of these key materials and how to find them on planets. We’ll also cover their primary use in recharging the Pulse Engine on a Starship.

Icon Element Uses
NMSTritium.png Tritium Recharges the Pulse Engine on Starships, also used in crafting freighter base products
NMSPyrite.png Pyrite Recharges the Pulse Engine on Starships, also used in crafting Dirty Bronze and Echinocactus

How to Find Tritium and Pyrite in No Man’s Sky

Destroy Asteroids for Tritium

The main source of Tritium in No Man’s Sky is from asteroids. You’ll find plenty of asteroid fields in any star system, since they’re scattered between planets and in open space. All you need to do is fire at asteroids from your starship to acquire Tritium from them. You won’t always acquire Tritium from every asteroid that you destroy, but you’ll usually find a good amount of it in any asteroid field. You can also find Tritium Hyperclusters from asteroids, which come as single items but provide roughly 100 Tritium when once opened.

You can use Tritium to construct a number of useful Starship and Exosuit upgrades such as Efficient Thrusters, Nonlinear Optics, Phase Beam, Rocket Boots, Star Seed, Starshield Battery, and Sub-Light Amplifier. You’ll also need Tritium to build many Freighter base items, and Frigate Fuel.

Mine Rock Deposits on Barren Planets for Pyrite

The main source of Pyrite in No Man’s Sky is from resource deposits on a barren / volcanic / hot planets. The best way to identify these planets is by entering any star system and scanning a planet using the Starship’s scanner by pressing C-Key. This will reveal the main characteristics of a planet when you hover over it, including the type of planet and the primary materials which can be found on it. If Pyrite is listed, you will be able to find it from various resource deposits on the planet surface. You can identify these deposits using the Analysis Visor, in the same way that you do for Copper, Silver, or Gold deposits, for example. You’ll need the Terrain Manipulator module for the Multi-Tool to extract the Pyrite from a deposit.

How to Recharge the Pulse Engine

Aside from crafting various items, both Tritium and Pyrite are used to recharge the Pulse Engine on Starships. You’ll need the Pulse Engine to travel quickly throughout a star system, allowing you to reach new planets, space stations, or freighters far more quickly than you would at regular speed. The Pulse Engine will enable you to reach a new planet within just a few seconds, rather than 10+ minutes. You can quickly recharge the Pulse Engine with Tritium or Pyrite by selecting it from the quickslot menu, which can be accessed by pressing X-Key. You can then choose to use Tritium or Pyrite depending on your preference.

Other Sources of Tritium and Pyrite

Purchase Tritium or Obtain it from Freighters

Although there’s currently no way to refine Tritium from other materials, you can often find it for sale at Galactic Trade Terminals, or from visiting pilots at space stations. You can also get a good chunk of it when you purchase a Freighter, since it is required to construct many of the base structures on the ship. You can deconstruct any of the already constructed rooms on a purchased Freighter to refund much of the Tritium contained within them.

Refine Pyrite

You can refine Pyrite from a few other materials, as listed in the table below.

Material 1 Material 2 Output
NMSGold.png1 Gold N/A NMSPyrite.png1 Pyrite
NMSGold.png1 Gold NMSOxygen.png1 Oxygen NMSPyrite.png2 Pyrite
NMSCactusFlesh.png2 Cactus Flesh NMSSalt.png1 Salt NMSPyrite.png1 Pyrite
NMSUranium.png2 Uranium NMSFerriteDust.png1 Ferrite Dust NMSPyrite.png1 Pyrite
NMSUranium.png2 Uranium NMSPureFerrite.png1 Pure Ferrite NMSPyrite.png1 Pyrite

(1 of 5) You will sometimes find Tritium Hyperclusters from asteroids.


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