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How to get and spend Quicksilver

Paul McNally

Many games these days have multiple forms of in-game currency with many more adding it in as a “premium” current you have to purchase with real-world cash in order to spend it in item shops and the like.

How to Get Quicksilver in No Man’s Sky

In No Man’s Sky, we have Units - the game’s regular monetary system for buying and selling and selling, but we also have Quicksilver, which, everything about it suggests you might have to get your credit card out somewhere along the way, and yet you don’t. Quicksilver is earned in-game too. In what seems a rare win for gamers everywhere!

The Quicksilver Synthesis Companion or Quincy is found at The Anomaly.

What is Quicksilver?

Unlike regular Units, Quicksilver is not easily obtainable - or indeed spendable, but when you do get your hands on some, you will get the opportunity to spend it on some unique in-game items and customizations including statues that you can display in your starship and will add a benefit to your stats.

Where to get Quicksilver?

Quicksilver is not difficult to get per se, but what is difficult about it is it is not easy to get heaps of it quickly. You are going to have to farm and bit and save up for that item you want.

By completing the initial missions in the game and visiting Nada you will get Quicksilver added to your character’s inventory. You can see it at the top of the screen next to where your total Units and Nanites are displayed.

The Nexus will spawn missions with Quicksilver as rewards.

Besides that, Quicksilver is intrinsically linked with The Anomaly. When you land your ship there before you head upstairs you can check out The Nexus on the same deck as the ship parking and there you can accept missions to earn Quicksilver, usually with the aid of one or more pilots, which is why you find yourself occasionally getting spammed by other players to join them when all you want to do is get some information from Nada or Polo.

Anyway, you can do a mission a day that will earn you 250 Quicksilver (you can stack up to three of these if you don’t play every day), or there are weekend missions that can earn you around 1200 QS. So as you can see, you can get Quicksilver, but it’s like those little tickets are you get at arcades and fairs, you need a lot of them before you can afford the smallest of trinkets in return.

Quicksilver can also appear as a random drop during Pulse Engine flight close to The Anomaly. If you come across a pink asteroid field of Stellar Ice, farm it as there is a chance it will drop 100 Quicksilver when you do.

Where to spend Quicksilver

(1 of 2) Quincy lives close to the ramp next to The Nexus. Visit him there.

Quincy lives close to the ramp next to The Nexus. Visit him there. (left), From here you can claim Expedition Rewards or synth your Quicksilver into cool items. (right)

With Quicksilver being something connected to The Anomaly it makes sense you can only spend it there.

The Quicksilver Synthesis Companion or QSC or Quincy as he is known is an NPC merchant who creates items from the Quicksilver for you. Quincy is also where you will collect Twitch Drop rewards or expedition rewards at the end of their cycle.

To find Quincy head to the Nexus and look just before the ramp. There he is hiding in that little alcove right there.

What can I buy with Quicksilver?

Lots of items that cost Quicksilver are related specifically to Expedition tasks that have been and gone. Below you will find a table showing what you should be able to purchase at any time and how much Quicksilver it will cost you.


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