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How to Get an Atlas Pass

Paul McNally

Depending on how you start out playing No Man’s Sky it is very possible to become confused with what an earth an Atlas Pass is. As you are exploring your planet you will likely come across containers that tell you you need an Atlas Pass v1 to open them. But what is it? How do you get it and how many of them do you need? Let’s learn all about the Atlas Pass and its three different incarnations.

What is an Atlas Pass in No Man’s Sky 2023

Oh-Oh, looks like you aren't getting into the Member's Bar at the Space Station without a V3 Atlas Pass.

The Atlas Pass is like a hotel room keycard. It’s just a little swipe device that opens stuff. Easy. Of course, if you don’t have a hotel room keycard then you are not getting to the minibar, just like here you aren’t opening those containers or getting into the secret back rooms in Space Stations. So it looks like you need yourself an Atlas Pass or three.

How do you get an Atlas Pass in NMS?

If you are tired of not being able to loot the containers you need to get the Blueprint for the Atlas Pass v1 and quick. The easiest way perhaps is to play through the tutorial missions and eventually you will be given the Atlas Pass Blueprint. I didn’t do that however as I didn’t know that was a thing, but once I had got far enough into the game to be visiting the Space Anomaly I noticed you could purchase Blueprints for the Atlas Pass V1, which then unlocks the V2, which unlocks the V3, without any of the fuss of waiting and missing out on hidden treasure until the game is ready to give it to you.

All you need to do to buy the blueprints is make sure you have enough salvaged tech from the Buried Technology Modules and you can soon unlock the lot.

Once you have the Blueprints you can set to work making your very own Atlas Pass

How to Make an Atlas Pass V1

Select a blank inventory spot and craft your Atlas Pass from there.

The V1 iteration of the Atlas Pass is the easiest to get the components for and the one you will use day to day while exploring planets and bases.

All you will need is 200 Copper (which is quite a lot really) and a Microprocessor, which can generally be looted from crates or bought on Space Stations, either from the Galactic Trade Terminals or from other pilots you trade with.

It is worth stocking up on Microprocessors until you get the Blueprint to craft your own too as you will need several for various items you want to build.

Once you have the resources, click on an empty inventory slot and craft the Atlas Pass V1 - easy.

How to Make an Atlas Pass V2

Now just because you have bought the Blueprint for the V2 Atlas Pass don’t be fooled into thinking it is easy. Besides the Microprocessor here you are going to need 200 Cadmium and Cadmium is pretty rare in the NMS universe. It can be found on red-star orbiting planets which you will need a Cadmium Drive to get to.

How to Make an Atlas Pass V2

Like the V2 pass this Atlas Pass needs a rare resource - this time it is Emeril. Emeril is found on planets in green-star systems. Once you find it, look for deposits with your Visor and mine it with the Terrain Manipulator like other metals.

How Many Atlas Passes do you need?

As long as you don’t accidentally sell one at a Trade Terminal (as I did) then you only need to craft one of each to last you the game. They do not get used up. Having a V1, V2, and V3 will solve all your Atlas Pass problems for the duration of your journey.


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