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How to Buy and Scrap Starships

Paul McNally

We have already told you how you can make Units in No Man’s Sky quickly - and whatever method you choose (I would suggest the Chlorine method as documented on that page) there will be a point where you find you have enough units to start looking at trading in star ships while you are at space stations.

Having more than one star ship in No Man’s Sky

(1 of 2) Every space station has a terminal where you can upgrade or scrap starships.

Every space station has a terminal where you can upgrade or scrap starships. (left), Interacting with the terminal provides options that you can choose from. (right)

You can have up to six ships in your own little fleet but you can also buy and sell as many as you want along the way. Now purchasing and scrapping ships will actually cost money rather than make you any, so you may be asking what is the point of that?

Scrapping S and A class star ships will often yield decent items within their scrap once you set the drones to work.

When you scrap a starship you will have to make sure you have space in your inventory to receive a load of items from the drones, This scrap will make up the value of the deal you were promised when were selling it.

Do not expect this scrap and UJnites on top because the game doesn’t work like that> As with a lot of things in NMS there is a little extra busy work as you need to take the scrap to a Galactic Trade Terminal and sell it from there to get cash in real terms.

What you are also looking for, and the better Class of ship you scrap will directly affect what you get, is drops that include ship upgrades (that you can sell for extra Nanites if you don;t want it or have it already) is Starship Storage Augmentations which you can use to expand the current slots of your own ship.

(1 of 4) By hanging around on a flight deck there will soon be plenty of pilots to trade with.

You can purchase these at the same terminal but they are frighteningly expensive after the first few, so if you can scrap a few starships and get them for free (well, okay so you might lose a few hundred thousand units in the actual deal, but it is still well worth it) it is a super-efficient way to get your starship able to carry so much more.

Add the slot to your own inventory at the same terminal, but don’t just accept yes on the first slot offered by the machine, you can use them in General Storage, Technology, or Cargo slots, so place the extra space where you feel it will have the most purpose.

What are the best starships to buy in NMS?

You should always be looking for S Class ships, either to keep or scrap. A Class ships are worth scrapping too, but we wouldn’t really bother with C or B class.

If you are looking to buy a ship to scrap only go for A and above, and even then check out that the price is reasonable - you will soon get a handle for when a pilot wants you to pay over the odds.


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