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How to Hire an Overseer for the Construction Terminal

Scott Peers

This page details everything you need to know about how to hire an Overseer for the Construction Terminal at your personal base in No Man’s Sky. We’ll cover how to get the blueprint for the Construction Terminal during the Ghosts in the Machine main quest, and how to find an Overseer at a space station.

How to Get the Construction Terminal Blueprint

Complete the Artemis Path Quests

The first thing you need to do before you can consider hiring any NPCs to work at your base is pursue quests in the Artemis main questline. You won’t need to do too much to reach the stage in the questline where you get the Construction Terminal blueprint, but you do need to complete the first two quests at least: Awakenings, and Alone Amidst the Stars. These two quests introduce you to the character of Artemis, and as you attempt to gain contact with him and eventually meet him, you’ll come to a point in the story where you need to speak with an NPC named Apollo, during the Ghosts in the Machine quest. This is the third main quest in the Artemis questline, and begins immediately after Alone Amidst the Stars.

Apollo will refer you to a contact of theirs who can help you to expand your base. You can find the contact on any nearby space station after scanning your environment by pressing C-Key. The contact should be located in the back room on the side of the space station where most of the technology merchants have their shops set up. Among the first things that the contact will give you is the blueprint for the Construction Terminal. You can then travel back to your base using the teleport module at the space station.

Where to Build the Construction Terminal in No Man’s Sky

Material 1 Material 2 Output
NMSChromaticMetal.png40 Chromatic Metal NMSPureFerrite.png25 Pure Ferrite NMSConstructionTerminal.png Construction Terminal

Now that you have the Construction Terminal blueprint, things can get a bit confusing in terms of where you can build it, depending on the current status of your base. If you haven’t yet built much of a base and this will be one of the first items that you place in it, you’ll need to ensure that you at least have one room which is protected from the elements. All you need for this is a floor surface, four walls, a roof, and a door. The quest will likely prompt you to construct a Cylindrical Room, even if you’ve already built a larger base, but this isn’t necessary unless you want to place your Construction Terminal inside a Cylindrical Room. To progress beyond this stage of the quest, just build the Construction Terminal within any interior space that you have within your base.

(1 of 4) You will need to reach the Ghosts in the Machine quest, which leads you to meeting Apollo.

Where to Find a Gek Overseer in No Man’s Sky

Once you’ve built the Construction Terminal in your base, you will be able to interact with a number of Gek NPCs in different space stations, and hire some of them as an Overseer. The Overseer will always be present at the Construction Terminal in your base once you hire them, and they are required before you can learn the blueprints for other terminals, such as the Science Terminal, Weapons Terminal, Agricultural Terminal, and Exocraft Terminal.

The quest Expanding the Base will take you through the basic steps required to hire an Overseer, Scientist, Armourer, Farmer, and Technician, each of which are required to function the above mentioned terminals. As part of the quest prompts, you will be directed to the nearest space station to hire a Gek Overseer there. However, you don’t need to follow the quest marker if you don’t want to hire the particular Gek Overseer at the space station. The only main difference between NPCs that can operate these terminals is their appearance, so if you’re not bothered about the way they look, you can just hire whoever is nearest. However, if you want to hire NPCs with specific outfit styles, you’ll need to check different space stations in other star systems until you find one that you like.

As soon as you hire a Gek Overseer, they will next be found at the Construction Terminal in your base. All you need to do is visit them there, then follow their instructions to learn more about the additional terminals for hired NPCs that can be constructed in your base, as follows:

Overseer Blueprints

As you continue to interact with the Overseer and complete simple gathering tasks, they will teach you different blueprints. Four of these consist of blueprints for the above specialist terminals, but some are of specific useful items, as follows:

Icon Blueprint Type
NMSGlass.png Glass Advanced Agricultural Product
NMSScienceTerminal.png Science Terminal Specialist Terminal
NMSStorageContainer0.png Storage Containers (0-9) Storage
NMSWeaponsTerminal.png Weapons Terminal Specialist Terminal
NMSAgriculturalTerminal.png Agricultural Terminal Specialist Terminal
NMSGalacticTradeTerminal.png Galactic Trade Terminal Trading Hub
NMSConflictScanner.png Conflict Scanner Starship Technology
NMSGeologyCannon.png Geology Cannon Multi-Tool Technology
NMSExocraftTerminal.png Exocraft Terminal Specialist Terminal

Aside from the Specialist Terminals, all of the above blueprints can also be purchased from the Construction Research Station or technology merchants on board the Space Anomaly.

(1 of 4) The quest may prompt you to build a Cylindrical Room before you can place the Construction Terminal.


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