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How to Get a Hood in NMS

Scott Peers

This page details everything you need to know about how to get a hood in No Man’s Sky, also known as the Shroud of Freedom, during the Under a Rebel Star mission. We’ll cover how to get the mission using the Pulse Drive, and how to equip the hood from the Appearance Modifier.

How to Get the Shroud of Freedom Hood

Pulse Drive to Begin Under a Rebel Star

The mission which leads to you acquiring the Shroud of Freedom hood can only be obtained by using the Pulse Drive in your Starship. Whenever you use the Pulse Drive as you fly through space, there’s a chance that you can trigger numerous random encounters, such as finding an Abandoned Freighter, or the rare Child of Helios encounter. The Under a Rebel Star mission is counted among these, and it will occur when you encounter an Emergency Broadcast while pulsing. You may not get this on your first try, so it’s worth stopping for every encounter that you come across.

Defeat the Pirates

The encounter you’re looking for is with an abandoned starship. After opening the Starship Communicator, you’ll have the option to accept some coordinates. After doing this, you’ll need to locate the star system where the coordinates lead from the Galaxy Map, and travel there via Hyperdrive if necessary. The relevant star system should have a skull icon associated with it, just like the Under a Rebel Star mission does in the log. When you enter the star system you’ll be attacked by some pirates, so you’ll need to be ready to fight them off with decent Starship upgrades, especially for the Deflector Shield and any weaponry that you prefer using. You should also make sure that you have enough Sodium and Sodium Nitrate to recharge the Deflector Shield if it’s depleted in combat.

Take the Rendezvous Beacon and Defeat the Sentinels

After defeating the pirates, you’ll need to reach the point where the coordinates lead on a nearby planet. You should see a mission icon for this, which you can then Pulse Drive towards. When you land you’ll need to use the Analysis Visor to locate the site of a crashed Starship. Here you’ll find a pod marked by the quest icon, which you can interact with to recover a cockpit recording and take the rendezvous beacon. At this point you’ll be attacked by some sentinels, so be ready to kill them all as quickly as possible, and be sure to pick up the combat supplies that they drop to replenish your health and ammunition.

After defeating the sentinels, check your inventory for the rendezvous beacon and use it to locate the rendezvous point. This will lead you to a nearby derelict Freighter, where another group of Pirates will attack. You’ll need to defeat these to receive a message from some outlaws, and be ready to select “Challenge the caller” when the option pops up. From this point you can choose to explore the Freighter before you move on to the Voice of Freedom.

(1 of 5) You'll need to interact with the pod to get the Rendezvous Beacon.

Reach the Voice of Freedom

The coordinates that you received after challenging the caller will lead you to another point on a nearby planet, referred to only as the Voice of Freedom. Travel to the planet, land, and use the Analysis Visor to locate the site of a building. You’ll need to enter the building and interact with the terminal inside to accept an invitation. At this point you’ll receive a Ticket to Freedom item in your inventory. Use this to locate the point in another star system that you need to travel to next. This will take you to an Outlaw Station, where you’ll discover that the Voice of Freedom refers to a collective group of Outlaws who consider themselves the Voice. You’ll need to speak with a few of them to get this message.

After speaking with the Outlaws they will invite you to be one of them, at which point you’ll receive the Shroud of Freedom hood. You can spend some time in the Outlaw Station to discover what it has to offer, before returning to a regular space station where you can use the Forged Passport to clear your name. You can now visit an Appearance Modifier to find the Shroud of Freedom hood as the 19th option in the Head category.

(1 of 2) You'll need to speak with different NPCs at the Outlaw station about the Voice of Freedom to receive the hood.

You'll need to speak with different NPCs at the Outlaw station about the Voice of Freedom to receive the hood. (left), You can find the Shroud of Freedom hood in the Appearance Modifier. (right)


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