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How to Hire an Armourer for the Weapons Terminal

Scott Peers

This page details everything you need to know about how to hire an Armourer for the Weapons Terminal at your personal base in No Man’s Sky. We’ll cover how to get the blueprint for the Weapons Terminal by speaking with the Overseer, and where to find an Armourer to recruit.

How to Get the Weapons Terminal Blueprint in No Man’s Sky

The Weapons Terminal Blueprint can only be obtained once you’ve established a Construction Terminal at your base, and hired an Overseer to operate it. You will then need to build a Science Terminal before you can proceed with the Expanding the Base quest, which leads you to the point at which you can hire an Armourer. You’ll need to collect 30 Marrow Bulbs and 30 Cobalt for the Overseer, then search and abandoned building for the Weapons Terminal blueprint. The location of an abandoned building will be marked on your map once you select Expanding the Base as the active quest from the quest log. Once you’re inside the building, all you need to do is remove the gunk from the Forsaken Terminal, then interact with it to receive the blueprint. You’ll then need to return to the Overseer to make sense of the data and learn the Weapons Terminal blueprint from it.

Material 1 Material 2 Output
NMSChromaticMetal.png40 Chromatic Metal NMSPugneum.png25 Pugneum NMSWeaponsTerminal.png Weapons Terminal

Where to Construct the Weapons Terminal in NMS

The Weapons Terminal can only be built within a valid interior structure of your base, as with the Construction and Science Terminals. If you find that you’re not able to place it anywhere, check that the structure you’ve built doesn’t have any gaps in the walls or roof. You may need to build the terminal in a Cylindrical Room while you figure out the structure of your base if it still isn’t working.

Where to Find a Vy’keen Armourer in No Man’s Sky

All Armourers are restricted to being of the Vy’keen species, so you’ll need to visit a star system which is controlled by the Vy’keen if you want the best chances of finding an Armourer quickly. With that said, you can still sometimes find a Vy’keen Armourer in any star system, controlled by any species, but the chances are lower if it isn’t a Vy’keen one. All you need to do is speak with any Vy’keen that you come across, especially in the back rooms of space stations (on the side where the technology merchants have their shops set up). Here you will usually find other Overseers, Scientists, Farmers, or Technicians. As with the other hired NPCs, there are no differences between each Vy’keen Armourer that you encounter, other than the cosmetic appearance of each one.

Armourer Blueprints

The Armourer will provide you with a number of blueprints as you gather materials for them or complete simple tasks. A complete list of these can be found below. However, keep in mind that you can still purchase any of these blueprints from the merchants on board the Space Anomaly, if you’d rather get them quickly without having to do the tasks. There is an additional benefit to completing these tasks, though, since the Armourer will create a new Multi-Tool which you can obtain for free every 24 hours.

Icon Blueprint Type
NMSHazMatGauntlet.png Haz-Mat Gauntlet Exosuit Technology
NMSCadmiumDrive.png Cadmium Drive Starship Technology
NMSStarshieldBattery.png Starshield Battery Power source for the Starship’s Deflector Shield
NMSPlasmaLauncher.png Plasma Launcher Multi-Tool Technology
NMSPhaseBeam.png Phase Beam Starship Technology
NMSCyclotronBallista.png Cyclotron Ballista Starship Technology
NMSInfraKnifeAccelerator.png Infra-Knife Accelerator Starship Technology
NMSOxygenCapsule.png Oxygen Capsule Power source for the Exosuit Life Support system
NMSCombatScope.png Combat Scope Multi-Tool Technology

(1 of 5) You can find the nearest Abandoned Structure by selecting the Expanding the Base quest from the log.


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