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Pokémon: Let's Go
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Vincent Lau
First Published: 23-11-2018 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 31-10-2019 / 18:47 GMT
Version: 0.1 (????) 22-02-2020 / 12:17 GMT

Pokémon: Let's Go Guide

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Gym 1 (Boulder Badge)

Route 1

Here's the one and only Route 1, in the Kanto region at least.

Wild Pokémon

Pokémon Type Location Chance (%)
Oddish Grass/Poison Tall grass 30 (Let's Go Pikachu)
Bellsprout Grass/Poison Tall grass 30 (Let's Go Eevee)
Rattata Normal Tall grass 30
Pidgey Normal/Flying Tall grass 40

This is a pretty simple road that connects Pallet Town with the next area: Viridian City. Make your way north, while going through the patches of tall grass and weaving around the ledges. Pokémon veterans will know this, but you can jump down from ledges if you approach them from their highest point.

In other Pokémon RPGs, when walking through the tall grass, you may trigger random battles with wild Pokémon, but not in this game! Instead, you can physically see wild Pokémon roaming in front of you–and touching them will trigger a wild Pokémon encounter, like the one with Pikachu or Eevee earlier on.

So the tall grass in this game is mainly there for aesthetics, although that is where wild Pokémon generally spawn from. Also, you do not battle wild Pokémon like in past games–only Pokémon trainers. This can take some getting used to, especially if you’re a long-time fan, but you’ll get used to it after a while.

While you head towards Viridian City, we recommend catching a few Pokémon in this area. In fact, we suggest trying to catch 'em all, just like the classic Pokémon slogan. Or at the very least, try to catch as many unique Pokemon species as possible. Catching Pokémon has a number of benefits.

Firstly, especially near the start of the game, you’ll want to build up a competent Pokémon team that can handle any Pokémon trainer that dares to challenge you. Except for a few exceptions, the only way you can get more Pokémon is by catching them yourself. That’s fairly straightforward, right?

Next, in lieu of wild Pokémon battles, the main way to earn experience points–outside of battling Pokémon trainers–is by catching Pokémon. You’ll also find that you can earn a lot of experience this way. In particular, if you get a lot of Great and Excellent throws and/or keep catching the same Pokémon species in a row.

Try your best to catch 'em all! Yes, even Pidgey.

Last but not least, on occasions, your progress in the game is gated by the number of unique Pokémon species you’ve caught. This can seem worrisome at first, but let it be known that if you just take your time a little and catch every new Pokémon you see, you shouldn’t have any problems meeting the milestones asked of you.

More on Catching Pokémon (1)

Now that the training wheels are off, there are a few things you should know about wild Pokémon. Although you can keep trying if a Poké Ball fails, beware that wild Pokémon can run away if you take too long–and they can do so without warning.

If there’s a particularly rare Pokémon, don’t hesitate to use all the tools at your disposal. That way, even if the Pokémon does run, at least you won’t regret not trying everything.

When you get near the exit of this route, your partner Pokémon should run up to a bush near the north-east corner. Interact with your partner to get a Razz Berry. This juicy item, which originates from Pokémon GO, can be used via the "Item" option when facing a wild Pokémon to make them easier to catch.

Pokémon Checklist

Pidgey and Rattata are basic early-game fodder. They’re nice to have when you literally have nothing, but unless they’re your favourites, you should replace them with better Pokémon once your options increase. Of the two, Pidgey can at least benefit from Mega Evolution during the post-game.

Depending on your version, you can encounter one of two Grass-types: Oddish or Bellsprout. Grass-types are advantageous against the first two gyms in the game, so are very handy to have. Definitely try to grab one, even if just for emergencies.

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