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Pokemon: Let's Go
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Vincent Lau
First Published: 23-11-2018 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 19-05-2019 / 15:58 GMT
Version: 0.1 (????) 24-08-2019 / 09:44 GMT

Pokemon: Let's Go Guide

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Gym 2 (Cascade Badge)

Cerulean City

Your 2nd Gym challenge will take place in this fair city.

After your long trek through Mt. Moon, you’ll reach Cerulean City, which is famous for having the Water-type Gym. If you’re bold, you can head straight for the Gym, but personally we’d rather rest up and explore the surroundings first. That way, you can also train your Pokémon so that they’re better prepared.

Coming from Route 4, if you’ve caught at least 30 Pokémon, go and visit the first house to the right. Inside, there’s a lady who’ll give you a Bulbasaur that she’s been taking care of. But you will need to have caught 30 Pokémon to impress her. This doesn’t mean unique species, just any 30 you’ve caught.

If you’re unsure of your current total, simply open your box via the Party menu and check the total along the bottom. Minus 1 for Magikarp since you didn’t catch that one. Either way, continue east to reach the Pokémon Centre. Before you get there, your partner will direct you towards the city’s fountain.

It seems if you throw some money in there, your friendship with your partner will increase. So it likes seeing you throw money away, huh?

Alola Trade (1)

Inside the Pokémon Centre, there’s a Lass towards the bottom-left corner who wants to trade her Alolan Rattata for your bog standard Rattata.

The Alola version is Dark and Normal-type and there aren’t any Dark-types to be found in Kanto, so this isn’t a bad deal. If you have more Rattata, you can keep trading with her as well.

Meanwhile, towards the right is a guy in red who will teach some super cool moves for your partner.

Let's Go Pikachu
Let's Go Eevee

Move TypeCategory Description
Zippy Zap ElectricSpecial This move always goes first and always results in a critical hit.
Move TypeCategory Description
Bouncy Bubble WaterSpecial Deals damage and restores HP equal to half of that damage.
Buzzy Buzz ElectricSpecial This move deals damage and always causes paralysis.
Sizzly Slide FirePhysical This move deals damage and always causes burn.

Partner Moves (1)

We’re not going to lie, Eevee has a big advantage here. Although Pikachu’s Zippy Zap isn’t half bad–far from that. It’s essentially a souped up Quick Attack that gains STAB and bypasses the foe’s Defense buffs. So if your partner is Pikachu, there’s little reason not to learn it.

As for Eevee, we suggest learning all 3 moves, unless you have other ideas. All 3 are very good moves and, frankly, the latter two are overpowered beyond belief. More importantly, they give Eevee a lot of Type coverage, enabling it to function as a pseudo Water, Electric and Fire-type.

Back outside, you can find the next Gym to the right of the Pokémon Centre. If you’re going there now, please skip ahead to the relevant page, as we’ll be going sight-seeing first. To the south of the Gym is the Poké Mart, should you need to purchase supplies. To get there, you’ll need to go around from the left.

The next point of interest can be found in the far south-west corner. Here, is none other than the home of the Bike Maniac. Unfortunately, he won’t give you a Bicycle no matter what you do, but if you inspect the three bikes inside and listen to him waffle on, he’ll reward you with 5 Heart Scales.

Afterwards, go over to the north-west corner and visit the house on the left. Inside is a fellow who’ll tell you about the 8 Gym Badges. Go past him, through the doorway above. Outside, pick up the Rare Candy in the far corner. Now exit the house and go east, then north from the Pokémon Centre.

Further east is a house that was burgled by Team Rocket; right now, a familiar policewoman is guarding the entrance. Ignore that house for now and proceed north, up towards the extravagant-looking bridge. Before you can reach the bridge, your rival will come running in from above.

Pokémon Trainer Rival

Pokémon Level Type
Pidgey 12 Normal/Flying
Oddish 12 Grass/Poison
Eevee (Let's Go Pikachu) 13 Normal
Pikachu (Let's Go Eevee) 13 Electric

Like previously, your rival leads with Pidgey. This would be the perfect task for Electric or Rock-types like Pikachu and Geodude. Or you can brute force it since it’s just a lowly Pidgey.

Next, he’s caught a brand new Oddish. Which is a bit weird if you’re playing Let’s Go Eevee, as there’s nowhere to catch Oddish. Unless he’s playing Let’s Go Pikachu? Anyway, Fire or Flying-types are ideal.

Finally, he has his starter Pokémon as his last resort. Fighting-types (well, just Mankey really) are recommended for Eevee and Ground-types (like Geodude) for Pikachu. Or you can always use your own partner to combat his.

Once he’s gone from the picture, carry on north to the next area.

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