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Sea Mauville in Full

Vincent Lau

Sea Mauville is certainly atmospheric, especially underwater.

Local Trainers Pokémon

Name Money Party
Mysterious Sisters Scall & Ion 1,232 "Kirlia" IconKirlia Lv. 28, "Chingling" IconChingling Lv. 29


Fly to Sea Mauville! **** Surf onto the ship and enter it.

Interior 1F

Inside, head west and south to the water. Surf on it and Dive under, then head far to the south, far to the east, and far to the north into the northeast corner where you can resurface.

Enter the doorway near the water’s edge and you’ll feel as though you’re being watched, though there seems to be nothing of interest in that room itself for the moment.

Outside, go north and the Street Thug. In the room just to the east, you can read some heartbreaking letters in the northeast corner that seem to document a slow decline in the life of Prof. Cozmo’s father and his family, seeming to end in an eventual divorce. Whoa.

Go north of there and speak with the girl in the inner tube to get the Key to Room 1 ; you can also find a White Herb to the west. Room 1 is the room near the entrance of the ship. Return to the entrance, then go west and a little south to find it on the west side.

Eventually you can open all the (unblocked) doors in the ship.

In Room 1, there are two cabinets on the west side; examine the south one to find the Key to Room 2 . And, of course, pick up the Dive Ball nearby and battle the pair of trainers in the southeast corner.

Room 2 is just south of Room 1 in this hall, on the west side, so open that door. In the southwest corner of it, you can get a Revive , then speak with the female trainers nearby to get the Key to Room 6 .

Go south from there into the water and Dive; Room 6 will be on the east side of the ship, the northernmost east-side door. On the other side, continue east and outside.


Head down into the water and Surf from there to the island where the fisherman is. Ask him if he’s caught anything and you’ll get the Key to Room 4 . Do take note that, on the small bit of sand to the northwest lies the Storage Room, though it’s locked. For now, return inside.

Interior 1F

Here, return to the main hall and go south a bit. There is a locked door just across from Room 6 on the west side, Room 4, so enter. At the south side of the room is the Storage Key .

Go outside and enter the Storage Room mentioned earlier. When you do, it will seem like someone else has been looking for this place and intends to take all the Nuggets away … or not, looks like they’ll just stick to the "Skitty" IconSkitty doll.

Anyhow, there’s 8 Big Nuggets, 4 Nuggets, a Luxury Ball, TM13 (Ice Beam), and, on the southwest side (you’ll Surf to it) some Beedrillite to Mega Evolve "Beedrill" IconBeedrill. So, then, a loot of $100,000, a Luxury Ball, a TM, and a Mega Stone … seems pretty worthwhile, right?

In any case, we’re done here it seems… not! Head back underwater within the ship and then south and west. There will be a path off to the south you can go along; do so. In the next area, head east and north.

Remember this location for later (actually quite soon).

As you reach the bottom of the stairs, swim towards the top-right corner and the game should tell you there’s something odd there. Pick it up to find the Scanner . Now you’re done here (although you’ll be coming back very soon)!

Slateport City

Fly here when you next can (after leaving the exterior) and head to the harbor in the northeastern portion of the town. Speak with Stern there and you will obtain … whoa, the Clear Bell in Pokémon Omega Ruby and the Tidal Bell in Pokémon Alpha Sapphire.

Players of the Johto-region Pokémon games (Gold, Silver, and Crystal on the GameBoy Color and HeartGold and SoulSilver on the Nintendo DS) will know that these items are used to find the legendary Johto Pokémon "Ho-Oh" IconHo-Oh and "Lugia" IconLugia respectively!


Fly back to Sea Mauville!

Omega Ruby : Surf up onto the ship and then head to the northern portions of it. Approach the top of the ship where you’ll find a Mirage Spot.

Alpha Sapphire : Return to the underwater area where you found the Scanner. Continue west and then north from its position and you should spot the Mirage Spot.

Examine the Mirage Spot and your version’s legendary will pop out: "Ho-Oh" IconHo-Oh for Pokémon Omega Ruby, and "Lugia" IconLugia for Pokémon Alpha Sapphire!

Legendary Pokémon

Name Type Abilities Version
"Ho-Oh" IconHo-Oh Fire/Flying Pressure OR
"Lugia" IconLugia Psychic/Flying Pressure AS

Despite their legendary status and their being Lv. 50, much the same generic capture techniques apply. Use your strongest Pokémon with False Swipe to bring them down to 1 HP, then status them (preferably Sleep or Paralysis), then throw Ultra Balls at ’em.

We would highly encourage catching them. If you do, you can then Soar with that legendary to the east of Petalburg to find a Mirage Spot named Trackless Forest , a place where you can encounter the legendary beast Pokémon "Raikou" IconRaikou, "Entei" IconEntei, or "Suicune" IconSuicune!


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