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Breeding for Beginners

Vincent Lau

Breeding is mostly important for competitive players, but it's useful for casual players too.

To consider what Pokémon breeding is, we must consider how animals reproduce. On the superficial level, it generally requires a male and a female; such holds true here for the most part. Unlike normal, though, Pokémon typically lay Eggs to bear baby Pokémon.

For veteran trainers, Pokémon breeding is more than simply about getting lower-evolution Pokémon or spawning massive numbers of starters. In fact, it is the most certain way to guarantee that your Pokémon can get the most ideal stats and movesets possible!

However, this particular primer is designed for Pokémon beginners - if you want to get into the gnitty-gritty of things, the other sections will sate you.

Where to Breed

As you progress through the game, you’ll eventually hit Route 117. There, you can leave two Pokémon at the Daycare Centre and they’ll stay there.

One benefit is that Pokémon being cared earn 1 EXP per step you take. You can get the Pokémon back at a base cost $100, plus an additional $100 per level earned. You, however, cannot dictate how moves are learned or deleted, and level-up evolutions do not occur, so look out!

How to Breed

Now, Pokémon breeding… Obviously, you’ll need two Pokémon; one a male, and one a female. (The little mark that appears beside their name in battle represents that - the blue arrow is male, the pink cross is female. No mark means the Pokémon has no gender and generally cannot breed.)

There are blatant exceptions to this rule, but more on that momentarily. When you leave two Pokémon there of opposite genders (or other situations), there is a chance that you can speak with the man outside the Daycare to receive an Egg .

The Pokémon within the Egg can inherit a number of things, depending upon certain conditions - these include IVs (which influence stat growth), Nature (which can give a 10% bonus/loss to some stats), moves (but only some!), and species.

How to Hatch

So, we come down to it - how to make the Egg hatch? The Egg hatches by carrying it in your party and walking/biking/skating around. Eggs can hatch in anywhere from 5,000 to 31,000 steps (obviously we are being unspecific), depending on the species within the Egg.

It’s just moving around, so you don’t really need to worry your socks off at this stage. Eventually, the Egg will hatch. This process can be sped up by having Pokémon with the Magma Armor or Flame Body abilities.


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